Comparative Data  

Prior to beginning thisassignment, review Chapter 14 and 15 in the course textbook, Health Care Finance: Basic Tools for the Nonfinancial Managers, 5th edition. These two chapters will assist you in responding accurately to the questions in the table.


Complete the following table by writing detailed and thorough responses to the questions. Provide examples where indicated. Once the document template is completed, you should have at least two pages. APA formatted citations and references are required. Cite the sources per in the narrative and list the reference in the last box of the table.

What is meant by common sizing?   Provide an example:     
What is meant by Trend Analysis?   Provide an example:     
What is the difference between forecasting and projecting?   
What are the three common types of forecasts in a Healthcare Organization?   
Name the three criteria that must be met for true comparability.   Discuss each.   
What elements of consistency should be considered?    Provide an example:   
Discuss the importance of comparative data and explain the healthcare manager’s responsibility when comparing data     
Name the four common uses of Comparative Data.   Discuss each.                   
Explain Standardized Data   Provide an example.               
List your References:   REQUIRED                     

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