The following is copied from the course catalog describing the Consciousness Specialization: Asking the question, “what is consciousness?” is not too different from asking the question, “what is life?” or “what is existence?” And the answer to all these questions is, in any definitive sense, we don’t know. One can’t help but acknowledge a degree of […]


Assignment Overview In the Module 2 SLP, you will determine the most salient environmental threats and opportunities currently facing your target organization. Assignment Write a 3-page paper in which you address the following: Evaluate the external environment of your selected organization (SONY GROUP), determining the extent to which opportunities exceed threats, or threats exceed opportunities. Keys to the […]

Nigeria, South Africa (Culturally Integration Strategies, Programs and Policies.)

Topic: Nigeria, South Africa (Culturally Integration Strategies, Programs and Policies.) Introduction and Background Subject, cities selected, how comparable, why important, relevant and sufficient background information produced and presented International Human Resource Strategy             Assembled and examined, philosophical approach assessed, used more than sufficient “Details” listed above Paper demonstrates and explains the evolving role of a Strategic […]

Capstone in Evidence-Based Professional Nursing Practice

Course Description Students review and build upon leadership and management principles. Emphasis is placed on understanding the health care system and social forces affecting care delivery, effective leadership, patient outcomes, project management, health care policies, basic accounting principles, and entrepreneurship. Students use evidence-based resources, address health competencies and analyze an identified issue while developing a […]

Practice of Management

                                                                                                                                                  The Practice of Management Assignment 1 Brief, Week 10 Team presentations on a chosen Critical Theory and PLC (30%)   Tutor name:     Assessment Criteria     Comments Quality of Introduction where the chosen CT and chosen PLC are outlined   Clear analysis of the chosen CT, and its use for CT […]