Essay #1 Prompt: Analyzing, Explaining, and Evaluating Malcolm Gladwell’s

 Theory of Success Context: In Outliers: The Story of Success, author MalcolmGladwell draws on an extensive range of examples, data, and expert testimony to dispute what he maintains is a widely held belief about the causes of success. Gladwell argues, in short, that the traditional view, which attributes success solely to individual ability and initiative, fails […]

Profile Essay

Objective: Read chapter 3. Given interviews, observations, and notes, students will write a 3-4 page essay that profiles a group or an individual and a place. Introduction: Profiles are included in both academic and professional writing and tell about people, places, and activities. In an academic setting, an education instructor may ask you to observe […]

Cultural Immersion Project: Research and Events Paper

Overview This portion of the Cultural Immersion Project Assignment consists of two parts: a research-based portion and an events-based portion of the approved cultural group you identified in Week 2 that you will be exploring. This group should be a different ethnicity, religion, and/or culture that which you identify and/or also must have other significantly […]