Clinical Practice Guidelines

Discuss the value of a Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) and how you will apply this resource to your future role in advanced practice nursing. Consider your problem and intervention from NSC 890. Can you identify a clinical practice guideline that addresses your problem/population? If yes, describe how you would incorporate the guideline into decision making […]

Real World Application: Planning and Decision Making Assignment

Overview This assignment provides students with an opportunity to utilize their knowledge of planning and decision making by applying a specific cost technique / concept to a selected organization.  Students will combine knowledge obtained from the textbook and peer-reviewed journal articles in applying the selected technique / concept to the organization and showing how it […]

304.1.3 : Cost-Quality Relationship

TAsk 1 304.1.3 : Cost-Quality Relationship The graduate understands the relationship between costs and quality. SCENARIO You are employed by a firm that produces tangible products. These products are then sold to a consuming populace that is unaffected by place, income, sex, race, age, or any environmental concerns. These products are acquired and used across the spectrum […]

Unit 4 Assignment

Your patient is a 23-year-old female. She presents with coughing and wheezing which she stated started about three weeks ago. She is currently 25 weeks pregnant. Her last prenatal visit was one month ago in another state. She has an appointment with the prenatal care provider next week, however her respiratory symptoms brought her to […]

SHRM-CP Exam Question Types: Knowledge and Situational Judgment Items

Understanding the types of questions on the SHRM-CP Exam is imperative for exam success. According to the SHRM document, The SHRM Learning System, two types of assessment questions are included within the SHRM-CP exam; the SHRM-CP exam is composed of 134 questions containing 80 Knowledge items and 54 Situational Judgment items (SJI). SHRM defines both […]

Making of South Asia

The research essay (2400 words) is your opportunity to examine one of the topics raised in the module in greater depth. Please choose the topic of your essay from the following ten questions. When researching for your essay, you must draw on the readings listed under the weekly lectures, including both essential and recommended reading. […]

Module 7 Assignment: MSN Project Manuscript Completion: Executive Summary & Section VI Guidelines and Rubric

Purpose As a master’s-prepared advance practice nurse you will have many opportunities to lead evidence-based change in practice. The deliverable at the end of this program is a completed evidence-based practice quality improvement project prepared for dissemination. In this assessment, students will begin the dissemination process through the scholarly writing of their MSN project manuscript […]