Assignment Week 4

Select a bill that has been proposed (not one that has been enacted) using the congressional websites provided in the Learning Resources.The Assignment: (1- to 2-page Legislation Grid; 1-page Legislation Testimony/Advocacy Statement) Be sure to add a title page, an introduction, purpose statement, and a conclusion. This is an APA paper. Part 1: Legislation Grid […]

English Paraphrasing and Quotation Research Skills Exercise

Part 1: Paraphrasing Directions: paraphrase the following passage, using the guidelines discussed in class and posted in the Weeks Three/Four module (50 points) Today, toys are designed to slot children into the dominant role in affluent societies: consumption.  The function of modern toys is to turn children into brainless consumers, the impulsive buyers of tomorrow. […]

How have the theories of Carl von Clausewitz influenced warfare since 1815?

Write a double-spaced, three- to five-page, Times New Roman, 12-point font, argumentative essay on the topic below:  1. How have the theories of Carl von Clausewitz influenced warfare since 1815?  Use evidence from World War I to support your argument. In your conclusion, suggest the significance to today’s military professional. Include the outline on the […]

Economics Test

Chap 6, Q5. What are increasing, decreasing and constant returns to scale? Chap 7, Q4. Explain how the law of diminishing returns determine increasing marginal costs in the short run. Chap 8, Q2. Provide your own real examples of perfect competitive and monopoly markets, and explain how these firms are price takers and price makers. Chap 8, […]

Final Essay:

Questions (answer TWO of the following four questions): Choose two female artists we have studied since the midterm and compare the ways in which they express gender roles and conventions in their music. Choose your examples to provide a compelling basis for comparison. 2. Choose two performers we’ve studied since the midterm and compare the ways in […]

Module 3 – Case Developing and Rewarding Employees

Module 3 – CaseDEVELOPING AND REWARDING EMPLOYEESAssignment OverviewSignature Assignment: Written Communication, Reinforced level In this assignment, your information literacy skills will be assessed. The information literacy rubric will be useful for this purpose. In the course, written communication skills were assessed at the “introduced” level. In, they will be assessed at the “reinforced” level. Finally, […]

Principles of Human Resource Management Case 4

Module 4 – SLPBUILDING WORKPLACE RELATIONSHIPSAssignment OverviewView the following video on workplace investigations: (Gregg Learning, 2018) Gregg Learning (2018). HR Basics: Investigations 2e. Retrieved from View this video about a breakroom brawl. (Urban Vids, 2019) Urban Vids (2019). Massive Fight at their Workplace. Retrieved from SLP AssignmentWell, we must say that not all […]