Using a PICO(T) Framework and Evidence to Develop Care Practices

Using a PICO(T) Framework and Evidence to Develop Care Practices When developing care practices for patients, the PICO(T) research framework, which expands to Population/Patient, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, and Time, can be used to create an effective care plan and ensure that patients’ needs are met. Relying on secondary research, the author of this paper will […]

Current policies and  practice in education in reference to learning differences, disabilities and inclusion in  Wales.

According to the Alliance for Inclusive Education, inclusive education ‘is education that  includes everyone, with non-disabled and disabled people (including those with  ‘special educational needs’) learning together in mainstream schools, colleges and  universities’ (2021). Learners are regarded as having special educational needs (SEN) if they have a disability or learning problem that affects their ability […]

Stephen Hawking

CONTENTS INTRODUCTION.. 3 BIOGRAPHY.. 4 Stephen William Hawking. 4 CHARACTERISTICS AS A LEADER.. 6 Ability to adapt 6 Curiosity. 6 Shares his knowledge. 6 He never gives up: 7 He stands by his principles: 7 Not letting obstacles distract him.. 7 Considers time to be a valuable resource. 7 CONCLUSION.. 8 REFERENCES. 9 INTRODUCTION Dr. […]

The Importance of Evidence Based Principles

Introduction Evidence Based Principle (EBP) is a fundamental problem-solving approach to enhance care in nursing practice.  EBP incorporates the best selected and available evidence to align the clinician’s expertise to patient’s needs; considering patient’s values and preferences. Extensive literature searches are fundamental to support EBP. The development of clinical practice guidelines and medical position statements […]

NR 505: Research Summary Project Sample

Practice Issue and PICOT Statement   Multiple factors exist that compound the nursing shortage phenomenon. Statistics report that the combination of nurses retiring and leaving bedside positions contributes to the vacancy of 195,000 nurses yearly through 2030 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 2021). The projected demand for critical care specialty nurses is […]