Animation Through the Lens of Damasio

When you think of Animation, what comes to mind? Presumably, your thoughts may have immediately jumped to world-renowned classics such as Disney’s Lion King, Pixar’s Toy Story, or maybe even a combination of both western and eastern cartoons. You may have even shifted into a technical standpoint, thinking upon the multiple drawings being layered over […]

Electoral Reform in Tennessee: A Call for Ranked Choice Voting

            In recent years, American politics has become increasingly polarized, and campaigns have become more negative. In response, American frustration with the U.S.’s electoral system has risen. The way that some states have combatted this frustration is through electoral reform, specifically by abolishing the current plurality system and implementing a ranked choice voting system. Ranked […]

Searching for Differences

With COVID upon us, my network of similar friends, and being allergic to social media, I wasn’t sure where to turn.  With your permission, I chose someone I already knew.  This seemed like a great opportunity to learn about a very different perspective. Throughout this interview, we covered topics of identity, migration, cultural background, values, […]

Anti-inflammatory treatments for mood disorders: systematic review protocol

Background Mood disorders are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Major depressive disorder and bipolar affective disorder (characterised by periodic elevated and depressed pathological mood states) cause significant disability worldwide (Whiteford et al, 2013). These conditions are frequently chronic and debilitating, often with poor recovery between episodes (Mahli et al 2013, Marotta et al […]

Using a PICO(T) Framework and Evidence to Develop Care Practices

Using a PICO(T) Framework and Evidence to Develop Care Practices When developing care practices for patients, the PICO(T) research framework, which expands to Population/Patient, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, and Time, can be used to create an effective care plan and ensure that patients’ needs are met. Relying on secondary research, the author of this paper will […]

Current policies and  practice in education in reference to learning differences, disabilities and inclusion in  Wales.

According to the Alliance for Inclusive Education, inclusive education ‘is education that  includes everyone, with non-disabled and disabled people (including those with  ‘special educational needs’) learning together in mainstream schools, colleges and  universities’ (2021). Learners are regarded as having special educational needs (SEN) if they have a disability or learning problem that affects their ability […]