Annotated Bibliography Structure

Reference:  Include a complete reference for the source. Format your reference according to APA/MLA/Chicago style Annotation:  In your own words, explain how this source contributes to answering your research question.  Your annotation should be one to two paragraphs long (150 words or more) and fully address purpose, content, evidence, and relation to other sources you […]

Guidelines for Dissertation

FORMAT FOR THESES THE INSTITUTE FOR GRADUATE STUDIES I UNIVERSITY 2021FOREWORD Ph.D. dissertations must be written in accordance with the format stated in this guideline.  The following rules and statements are presented more as answers to questions frequently asked rather than an alphabetically indexed coverage of every contingency. If, for good reason, a student should […]

Thesis guidelines

Talk in past tense. Things will have been completed by the time someone reads the document. Remember to talk about facts, never opinion. Don’t use “I” or “we”. Abstract yourself away from the project. An example of this is “I created a simple tool” could be changed to “A simple tool was developed”. Never make […]

Structure & Tips for the Hypothetical Study

 Hypothetical empirical study – [title of study] (a) Specify the main research question, the null and alternative hypotheses, and name the dependent and the independent variable(s). (5 points) Introduction [topic, importance, rationale] RQs/hypotheses [link to previous research] Methods [longitudinal vs cross-sectional? Participant numbers? Groups? treatments etc.] IVs/DVs [Operationalised as? Types? Confounds?] (b) Describe two possible […]

Project Management Guide

Project Management A project may be defined as a series of related jobs usually directed toward some major output and requiring a significant period of time to perform. Project Management can be defined as planning, directing, and controlling resources (people, equipment, material) to meet the technical, cost, and time constraints of the project. Pure Project Tom Peters predicts that […]

Writing Memos: Important Tips

A memo communicates specific information to a particular audience. Before writing a memo, it is important to clarify in your mind both the purpose and audience of the memo. Why am I writing this memo? Memos typically have two purposes. Some memos simply communicate organizationally important information. Other memos communicate information in order to trigger […]