• Talk in past tense. Things will have been completed by the time someone reads the document.
  • Remember to talk about facts, never opinion.
  • Don’t use “I” or “we”. Abstract yourself away from the project. An example of this is “I created a simple tool” could be changed to “A simple tool was developed”.
  • Never make statements without a reference.

General referencing

  • One of the simple things to keep track of is whenever you have a table or a figure, make sure you mention it in Figure XX where the XX is pointing to the figure number.
  • Always introduce a table or a figure to the reader before they see it. Word has automatic figure and table numbering to help with this process.


  • We generally write the abstract at the very end after the work is done. It is basically just an outline of what the project is about and what the final results are.


  • Have a list of abbreviations at the start of the thesis if they occur a number of times in the document.

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Research question

Have a look online what a research question looks like and add one here.

Aims and objectives

The aims section is what you planned to do and the objective section is the tangible things you did to make it happen.

One example of an aim is “Research the literature in the area related to XXXX” and the objective would be “Write a literature review of the area”


Contributions section should be added. This is

What you did that was different from other things in the past, could be three or four

Outline in the first chapter what your “Key contributions” are from this research. E.g.,

 “The key contributions of this research include”

  1. A literature review of the state of the art of XXX
  2. A  live system that XXXX
  3. Implementation of a unique XXX

Thesis outline

Outline each chapter, and what each chapter covers. A brief description.


Outline what they just read and introduce the next chapter.

Chapter 2 – Background


The background chapter, painting the picture for what you’re about to do.  This is before the lit review. You are setting the stage for what you’re about to do. Think of what helped you make the decisions that influenced your project


Outline what your doing and what information you gathered to describe the project and issues.


Chapter 3 – Literature Review




Chapter 4 – Methodology


  • Overall design of the system
  • How it was set up
  • If diagrams are needed for the classes
  • Wireframes


Introduce the next chapter

Chapter 5 – System Analysis and Design



Outline what they just read and introduce the next chapter.

Chapter 6 – Implementation


Describe how your system is put together. You can add snippets of code, but try to stay away from code screenshots.


Chapter 7- Testing

Formally describe the tests that you are performing. Provide each test with a unique ID. Then after the tests have been described, outline what the existing input is, what the test is, how the application performed and if the test was a pass or a fail.

Automated UI tests or Unit Testing

An example of this would be for the location services to be turned on for an app.

We will call this, test #1.

Test Number: 1

Input: Not required

State: Location service turned off

Test description: Application should not allow a user to proceed unless location is turned on.

Expected result: User should be prompted for location.

Testing result section later………..

Test: #1

Result: Pass

Result description:

User was prompted to turn location services on when it was turned off.

Chapter 8 – Conclusion


Write a conclusion

Review the aims and objectives

Future Work

Outline what the future work would be if you had more time.


Outline what they just read and introduce the next chapter.

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