Hypothetical empirical study – [title of study]

(a) Specify the main research question, the null and alternative hypotheses, and name the dependent and the independent variable(s). (5 points)

Introduction [topic, importance, rationale]

RQs/hypotheses [link to previous research]

Methods [longitudinal vs cross-sectional? Participant numbers? Groups? treatments etc.]

IVs/DVs [Operationalised as? Types? Confounds?]

(b) Describe two possible designs of this study, one where the researcher could conduct an independent ANOVA, and another where they could conduct a repeated measures ANOVA. (6 points)

Independent ANOVA design [introduce, application, interpretation – imaginary stats not essential]

repeated measures ANOVA design [as above]

(c) Describe a third study design where a multiple regression could be beneficial and explain its comparative advantages against the ANOVAs in (b). (5 points)

Multiple regression design [as above]

Comparative advantages against ANOVAs in (b) [several, explain don’t just list]

(d) Briefly explain factor analysis and describe a situation where it would be useful in your study design, and why. This part of the assignment does not require for factor analysis to be a typical analysis to address your research question. (4 points)

Factor analysis overview [as above]

Factor analysis design [as above]

(e) Start to work on a poster including only the introduction and methods sections for the proposed study, together with a short elevator pitch. The idea is to convince people that your study is worth funding! You do not need to prepare the actual poster, rather, you should report the text (and images) that you would use. You do not need to worry about explaining how text (and images) would be arranged in the poster, you should simply provide them. (5 points)



Elevator pitch


  • The task is to directly answer each of the nine points (i.e., Part 1 a-e, and Part 2 a-d) in full sentences, using APA-style referencing.
    • The recommended layout is 1(a) task -> answer, 1(b) task -> answer  … 2(d) task -> answer.
    • Write alone (assignments are Turnitin checked)
    • There is intentionally more than one possible way to approach each question
    • Strive for a principled thematic analysis (part 2), clarity, organisation, depth and detail, following APA conventions
    • Avoid purely textbook-style accounts, apply to your study!

Hypothetical Study

  • Introduce things, consider assumptions, interpretations etc.
    • The study/designs are hypothetical, you can either use hypothetical language “if/would/could” etc. or use “was/were” (i.e., pretend the study was done) but DO NOT create a made-up dataset and DO NOT actually do the study
    • Focus on responding directly to the questions, use the points as a rough (but not absolute) indication of word count weighting


  • APA, alphabetically etc.

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