Programme TitleSpecialist Hair and Media Make up
Module TitleProfessional Identity and Employability
Module Code1720
Assignment TitleCW1 Business sector and employability audit
W/C Hand Out Date12/07/2022
Due Date 
Feedback Post Date 
Essay/Report FormatFormal Report
Assignment Word Count 1500
Module Learning Outcomes covered in this assignmentInvestigate and analyse the business opportunities within a chosen specialist hair and media make-up sector.Create, with justification, suitable marketing materials to promote yourself, based upon the researched skills required in your chosen industry sector in order to enhance employment opportunities.
Submission Formate-SubmissionIndividual



This assignment requires you to write a report on your chosen area of specialism within the hair and make-up industries and prepare marketing materials in order to prepare you for future employment.


With reference to ONE Sector within the specialist hair and make-up field.

  1. Identify and justify the sector and a viable entry route for employment and progression, as well as contemporaries established in this field
  2. Conduct a SWOT analysis of your own skills, development and opportunities in order to gain employment in this sector

Based on you research of the sector, create with justification an appendix with the following 4 marketing materials, tailored for the sector you wish to enter:

  1. Tailored C.V to the chosen sector
  2. Business card with logo
  3. Personal website to connect with potential future employers and clients, with a minimum 4 pages: Home Page, About me Page, Portfolio Page, Contact Page
  4. Instagram profile or alternative  digital platform for self-promotional purposes


  • See advice from the H.E Handbook on writing reports and presentation of submitted work here
  • Or copy and paste link:
  • The report can be written in first person as this is about you as an individual
  • The report must be focussed on ONE specific sector which you will research for employment opportunities, e.g. bridal, events, editorial, sales, film and TV, theatre, prosthetics, education, prosthetics for film, medical prosthetics, wig making etc.
  • The Appendix must contain screenshots of all pages of your website, screenshot of your Instagram site or alternative digital platform, your C.V and your business card.
  • The research can take the form of statistics, trends, industry professional advice, interviews and general research.
  • Information on data can be sourced from  Mintel  available via UCB library
  • Or copy and paste link:
  • A SWOT analysis must be included to help you identify your own personal development for progression in the industry
  • The website is a marketing tool to promote your skills and work as make-up/hair artist and should be tailored towards the sector you wish to enter
  • The website can be created for free using templates
  • Or copy and paste web link:
  • Portfolio images used in your website and Instagram should be of your own work (make up/photography skills are not part of the assessment)
  • The C.V and business card must also be tailored to the industry you wish to enter and there should be consistent branding across all your marketing materials.
  • Access the UCB Employability site here for further information and interviews with industry professionals or see your Employability site available on CANVAS
  • Access the MDRS here for guidance on key texts to support your work
  • For additional guidance on this assignment, please access the assignment Vodcast available on Canvas.


The work will be assessed using the following marking criteria and in accordance with the Generic Level 5 grading criteria available under the assignment task for this coursework.

Understanding of Industry sector (30%) Identify and justify sector, junior roles in sector and progression, key contemporaries established in sector. Support with industry advice and cross reference sources. Critical analysis of skills required for job role.

Reflection related to own skills and opportunities (30%) Identify technical and transferable skills required for a job role and relate to own abilities and experiences. Identify opportunities for continuing development and networking.

Marketing materials and justification: Tailored CV, Business card with logo, website and digital media platform (30%) Professional presentation of marketing materials for the specific industry sector. Consistent branding across material. Clear contact details. Suitable for onward employability post university. Utilise industry advice, data and statistics to support justification of marketing materials and their design

Structure, presentation and clarity (10%) Follows UCB guidance for report format and presentation of submitted work. Work is clearly structured and well-focused. Includes range of key texts and authoritative sources from industry. In text citations and follows UCB referencing standards. Professional command of vocabulary and grammar leading to effective communication. 

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