Can you please answer the following point in a case study in Brazil? 

1- Health Promotion Policy in Brazil: 

  • Brief background about Brazil and its health promotion policy towards the non-communicable diseases (NCDs).
  • Some facts and NCDs in Brazilian’s schools and the importance to promote health. 

2- How is School Health Promotion Policy defined in Brazil?

  • How Brazil deals with HPS in schools.
  • What strategies are used to implement the Brazil Health Promotion Policy in schools?

3- How Brazil applies the six elements of HPS in schools? (Note: Please, this is the important point if you can focus on it in the case study).

  1. healthy school policies
  2. social environment
  3. physical environment
  4. community links
  5. individual health skills
  6. health services

4- What kind of policy implementation approach (top-down- bottom-up or combined approach) they have used while applying the HPS policy?

5- Who is involved in school health while applying the HPS Policy (i.e., government, universities, etc.)? In other words, what kind of actors are involved in school health?

6- What challenges that Brazil faces in applying the six core elements of HPS in schools?

7- what recommendations can be established for Brazil regarding the implementation of health promotion policies


Type of citation: Harvard

Type of source: Secondary data sources, including articles and research studies published in credible sources, such as peer-reviewed journals, government websites.

No. of sources: 10-15

Please feel free to add any section that it is very important in this case study.

NOTE : I have uploaded a file, can you please make the style of the case study like what WHO did the report?

** Please use the below references and feel free to add the rest references:

Carvalho, A., Westphal, M., & Lima, P. (2007). Health promotion in Brazil. Promotion & Education, 14(1) (Supplement), 7–12.

Collier, L. C. (2018). Participatory planning and health promotion in PE classes.

Graciano, A. M., Cardoso, N. M., Teixeira, S. A., Mattos, F. F., Gomes, V. E., & Borges-Oliveira, A. C. (2019). Health promotion in Brazil: Qualitative survey with primary school teachers. Health Promotion International, 34(5), e28–e35.

Horta, R. S., Andersen, C. S., Pinto, R. O., Horta, B. L., Marco, M. O., et al. (2017). Health promotion in school environment in Brazil. Rev. Saúde Pública, 51(0).

Machado, M. F., Gubert, F. A., Meyer, A. P., Sampaio, Y. P., Dias, M. A., Almeida, A. M., et al. (2015). The health school programme: A health promotion strategy in primary care in Brazil. Journal of Human Growth and Development, 25(3), 307–312.

Paz, F. M., Teixeira, V. A., Pinto, R. O., Andersen, C. S., Fontoura, L. P., Castro, L. C., Pattussi, M. P., & Horta, R. L. (2018). School health promotion and use of drugs among students in Southern Brazil. Rev Saude Publica, 52(58).

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