This homework assignment will help to develop your skills in numerical measures, probability and normal distribution.  Please complete/answer the following in one Word document and attach your excel file with calculations.

Week 11 Homework

The file BondFunds.xls  Download BondFunds.xls contains information regarding nine variables from a sample of 184 mutual bond funds:
Fund number—Identification number for each bond fund
Type—Bond fund type (intermediate government or short-term corporate)
Assets—In millions of dollars
Fees—Sales charges (no or yes)
Expense ratio—Ratio of expenses to net assets in percentage
Return 2009—Twelve-month return in 2009
Three-year return—Annualized return, 2007–2009
Five-year return—Annualized return, 2005–2009
Risk—Risk-of-loss factor of the mutual fund (below average, average, or above average)

1. You want to compare intermediate government to the short-term corporate bond funds. For each of these two groups, use the variables expense ratio, three-year return, and five-year return and complete the following.

  1. Compute the mean, median, first quartile, and third quartile.
  2. Compute the range, interquartile range, variance, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation.
  3. Construct a boxplot. Are the data skewed? If so, how?
  4. Based on the results of (a) through (c), what conclusions can you reach about differences between intermediate government and short-term corporate bond funds?
  • For the expense ratio, three-year return, and five-year return, decide whether the data are approximately normally distributed by:
  • comparing data characteristics to theoretical properties.
  • constructing a normal probability plot.
  • Assume that three-year return is normally distributed.
  • calculate the probability of getting a positive return over three years.
  • calculate the probability of getting over 5% return.
  • At least what return could be earned in 90% of cases (in other words, 90% of all returns is higher than what value)?
  • What is the preferred way for people to order fast food? A survey results, based on a sample of 200 males and 200 females, were as follows:
Table  Description automatically generated

f a respondent is selected at random, what is the probability that

  1. they prefer to order at the drive-through?
  2. the person is male and prefers to order at the drive-through?
  3. the person is male or prefers to order at the drive-through?
  4. Explain the difference in the results in (b) and (c).
  5. Given that a respondent is a male, what is the probability that he prefers to order at the drive-through?
  6. Given that a respondent is a female, what is the probability that she prefers to order at the drive-through?
  7. Is dining preference independent of gender? Explain.
  • The editor of a textbook publishing company is trying to decide whether to publish a proposed business statistics textbook. Information on previous textbooks published indicates that 10% are huge successes, 20% are modest successes, 40% break even, and 30% are losers. However, before a publishing decision is made, the book will be reviewed. In the past, 99% of the huge successes received favorable reviews, 70% of the moderate successes received favorable reviews, 40% of the break-even books received favorable reviews, and 20% of the losers received favorable reviews.
  1. If the proposed textbook receives a favorable review, how should the editor revise the probabilities of the various outcomes to take this information into account?
  2. What proportion of textbooks receives favorable reviews?

Please note that you need to submit all your answers in a report format in a Word document that contains all your tables, charts, etc. In addition please upload your excel file with all calculations, table and charts created as a support to your report. . You grade will be based on the content of the Word  document submitted. 

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