The ethical journal is an opportunity to reflect on the unit’s activities, explore questions raised by the readings, lectures, and videos, and establish personal ethical commitments and habits.

Answer each question with a response of at least 100 words.  In your response, make specific connections to ideas, quotes, or other aspects of the readings, videos and lectures.

Unit 3 Reflections

  1. In reading Hollinger, what lessons did you pull from these chapters about how one should make ethical decisions?
  2. Reflect on Lewis’ essay “Men without Chests.” What does he mean by being “without a chest?”  How should one develop a healthy “chest?”
  3. In DTRT, Robert George said that growing in ethics is a paradox: no one can do it for you, but at the same time you cannot do it on your own.  Communities and groups can be important for helping us act in an ethical way, but group members must be intentional toward one another to this end.  Today, many of the “mediating structures” in our society that should help us live ethically are in disarray.  How can we strengthen our communities to live in a more ethical way?
  4. What three things from the reading, lectures, and/or videos from this week will you most shaped your understanding of ethical living? How will you apply it?

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