Students will submit a portfolio of all course assignments (with instructor feedback). Students

will present an 8-page assessment of their development over the course with regard to

ethics, social justice, and DEIPAR as they pertain to the three core areas in the DSW program:

advanced clinical practice, education/teaching, and leadership. Students will identify the specific

theories and approaches that have had an impact on their professional identities. Students will

present their practice philosophy

What theories and approaches impacted your professional identities?         

• Present your practice              philosophy        

What drives you as a social worker? Being able to make an impact in someone’s life. Going into a community to transform it into something great like having neighborhood gardening. Getting resources like social programs for young people. Teaching and educating about different life skills self-care, finances, scholarship, and job placement resume.        

What theories inform your practice?                          

– How would you describe yourself to others who “what do you do and how do you do              it”?  A retired military guy who serves his country with honors  and is giving back to his community. Worked as associate pastor at my church with the youth department and with other things at the church and mentoring young people as a social worker while building a full-service community center that will help all people.

– What is the “why” behind your work? I believe that when I was growing up people invested in me so I want to make sure that I invest and pour back into the less fortunate           

How do social work ethics and values influence your practice philosophy       

How does the DEIPAR              framework influence your practice philosophy?         

• Develop a plan for ethically and socially just practice moving forward             

– What is your plan for ongoing ethical  self-assessment?           

– What is your plan for the prevention of ethical violations?        

– What is your plan for seeking              supervision?     

The portfolio will be evaluated based on the adherence to the assignment criteria, depth of reflection, quality and organization of writing and material presented.


Robinson, M.A., Cross-Denny, B., Kyeunghae Lee, K., Werkmeister Rozas, L.M. & Yamada,

A-M. (2016) Teaching note—Teaching intersectionality:

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NASW Code of Ethics

Beddoe, L. (2019). Social work education: Shifting the focus from reflection to analysis:

Commentary on “Student reflections on vulnerability and self-awareness in a social work

skills course” (Blakemore & Agllias, 2018) and “Reflective practice, reflexivity, and critical

reflection in social work education in Australia” (Watts, 2018). Australian Social Work,

72(1), 105–108.

Appendix A

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