(Word Count – 3000 words. State relevant statutes, Journals, and Law Reports, and include at least 20 case laws, Use OSCOLA referencing and based on UK Law).

Alexander is a bus driver. One day, Alexander is driving the number 59 bus on the narrow road to Grovehampton when Bethany pulls out of a junction right in front of him. Alexander is forced to brake sharply.

Angry at what he thinks is dangerous driving, Alexander shakes his fist at Bethany and shouts “You’ll pay for that” out of the window at her.

When Alexander braked, Colin, a passenger standing on the bus stumbled and bumped into Denise. Denise shouts “Do that again and I’ll slap you” at Colin.

Denise’s boyfriend Emil, who is standing the other side of Colin, is under the mistaken impression Colin has attacked Denise. He punches Colin in the back of the head, knocking Colin unconscious.

Hearing the sound of fighting, Alexander brings the bus to a stop. Alexander engages the locking mechanism preventing the passengers from opening the bus doors.

Advise the parties as to any potential claims for battery, assault and/or false imprisonment.

Problem-Based Assignment Questions

The above problem-based exercise /question requires critical analysis. Then need to provide a concise and comprehensive answer based on the IRAC rule.

1. Identify – Identify the issues

2. Rule – Explain the relevant rule/law — statute/case law

3. Apply – Apply the law that you discussed above to the facts/ problem presented

4. Conclude – Offer a reasoned conclusion

5. Referencing – OSCOLA Reference

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