Research Proposal (with supporting                                                2.5                                                 50                                                  c, d, e, f
ethics documentation) (Pass/Fail)

(2000 words)

The Assessment Task

  1. Research Proposal:  Students are required to write a proposal that is feasible for a doctoral level piece of research, considering the University’s research degree requirements, the time-scale and other potential considerations. They must also provide a thorough understanding of the relevant ethical  implications for their chosen area of research, considering the selected methods, approaches, and the University’s relevant ethical guidelines and requirements.

You should submit a 2000-word research proposal. You will need to start by identifying the problem (through the mini literature) and then discuss how the problem will be solved using your proposed solution. Your proposal should address a research problem that you have identified within your own organisation or another organisation to which you are able to gain access. You will need to consider the theoretical as well as the practical implications of the research you want to carry out. You need to develop a short review of the relevant academic literature that underpins your research. You need to justify your proposed methodology and provide some details as to how you propose to collect data and why this will answer your research question. The following sections are examples of what the proposal should include:

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Research Gap & Research Questions
  • Aim and Objectives
  • Methodology
  • Contribution to Professional Practice & Academic Practice
  • Ethical considerations 
  • Potential findings, significance, limitations and conclusions
  • References
  • Schedule of Work e.g. a Gantt Chart ) In Gantt charts; LR should start from the beginning and carry on almost towards the end,)
  • Appendix (if applicable)

Purpose of the Assessment

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that you can formulate academically rigorous and practically feasible review to the literature and research proposal, setting out the detailed parameters for the proposed independent research project.

Assessment Criteria

Your proposal should address the contents of the content sections described above and these should fit together in a coherent way. You may wish to change the heading titles slightly, or merge some headings together, nevertheless, the review paper and the proposal should provide the contents expected under such headings. Make sure that you use academic and authoritative sources of up-to-date literature and that you can show that you are familiar with different views and arguments in the literature about your topic. The methodology should be feasible as well as theoretically justified. Your proposal should show that it can be carried out to completion in realistic time frame. The specified word count excludes the reference list and appendices (if applicable).

Please ensure that you know how to use Harvard referencing. Please use the submission site to check the originality of your work; you will be able to overwrite the first submission by the due date. Please also ensure that your proposal is not a copy from previous assignments. Please also note that pre-submission feedback will be provided by your critical friend. 

This assignment will be marked in accordance with level 8 criteria.


The module aims to assist the students:

  • To critically and succintly review the latest debates in a topic area,
  • To identify and justify a research gap in the topic area,
  • To produce a robust proposal for an original research project at doctoral level,
  • To develop research planning skills at an advanced level.


On successful completion of the module students will be able to:

Subject Specific skills

c) Select an appropriate approach (philosophy and methodology)
to meet specific research aim(s) and objectives at doctoral level.

d) Develop a proposal for an original research project in line with the requirements of the University for doctoral study including full consideration of research integrity and ethics.

Key Skills 

e) Plan and work independently.

f)  Demonstrate critical thinking and writing skills in presenting an academic case.


Narrative extraction; techniques, benefits and considerations

Scoping of research projects

Structuring of a research proposal

Stages of approval and review

Effective communication of research ideas

Ethical considerations in when planning and conducting research

Level eight-ness; choice of words (no soft words please); please note that there is no grade

for this assessment; It will be either a pass or a fail which will depend on the extent to which you meet these learning outcomes in the way relevant for the assessment.

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