This assignment requires you to complete the following task:

You are required to produce and present a Procurement Plan identifying the benefits and risks associated with the procurement of goods, services and utility provision necessary for the delivery of a sustainable data centre to help facilitate the expansion of engineering and design for local businesses, with a recognition of their need for enhanced digital infrastructure, and thus demonstrate your ability to critically apply models of a professional procurement function in a local project environment.

The challenging economic factors at work in the current global supply market is generating a huge operational and economic pressure on global Supply Chains for the delivery of high quality and affordable goods, services and utilities.   Using the STEEPLED Model and other appropriate academic models, consider the possible risks and benefits that might affect the procurement of goods, services and utilities for the delivery of the project recognising your demand for equipment and materials supplied by manufacturers based globally including both China and the USA.   Due to the local interest in the project, ensuring an analysis of ethical supply chains and compliance with sustainable legislation and best practice is also a necessity.

You have the choice to come up with any design of the data centre to benefit the community but would have to be completed before you present it officially during sessions.   As mentioned hitherto, the presentation slides and associated notes must be submitted via BlackBoard.

The presentation should be no longer than 15 minutes and you are expected to produce a set of Powerpoint slides to go through during your presentation.  

 The tutor will be representing a client who is willing to sponsor your project and you are expected to play the role of a procurement professional looking to secure project funding and authority to proceed. There are no constraints to limit your creativity when developing your data centre project apart from a financial limit of £20million. 

You are expected to deliver a creative project idea to achieve clear project objectives, supported by a strong business case and a detailed and well justified plan to demonstrate robust Procurement and Contract thinking.


Use the appropriate Social Development Goals (4, 9, 11, 17, 8, etc) in backing your points and choices. Apply appropriate models from the 102 Models of Procurement and Supply Chain

Management Paperback – 8 Mar. 2021 

by  Paul Jackson & Barry Crocke




Strengths and Weaknesses (TOWS)….model 6

Drivers of Change……model 5

Relationship…Model 71 and 74

Resource Efficiency…Model 26 and 28

Carter’s 10cs

Assignment Presentation

Word Limit or equivalent (e.g. time)….. The report should not be more than 1500 words.

The presentation should not be than 15 minutes

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

  • Critically apply procurement models to identify the benefits and risks associated with the procurement function and its impact on an organisation or project

How should I present my work?

The Procurement Plan should be presented as a formal document submitted to the client representative, the module tutor, and presented using Powerpoint slides as well. It is up-to you to structure the presentation slides and the report, but it is expected to include the following key elements: 

  • Clear set of Procurement and Contract delivery objectives  
  • Well-defined procurement approach and strategy 
  • Stakeholder engagement and project ideas explored and an evaluation mechanism  
  • A robust costing analysis and forecast using the Total Cost of Ownership or Through Life Costing concepts
  • Clarity over the value-added contribution of the contract
  • Strong business case (e.g. cost, benefit and risk analysis) 
  • Contract management and operational delivery structure and responsibilities  
  • A Procurement timeline through to Contract Award
  • A forecast timeline through the contract life of the data centre 
  • A contract Risk Management Plan 

On the first page list the following:  

  • Module name and code 
  • Student(s) names  
  • Submission date 
  • Assignment Number/Title 

References (use the University Harvard referencing system)

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