Background Information:

Companies generally organize themselves into tall (vertical), flat (horizontal), or wide organizational structures. When you picture an organizational chart, the CEO of the tall organization generally leads from the top and leads from a distance. There are typically lots of spaces steps between leaders and employees with a well-defined chain of command. In flat organizations, there are fewer levels of management and employees have more autonomy; the CEO may be more knowledgeable about the daily activities in the organization and are more connected with employees.

On the other hand, wide organizations are generally more “loosely coupled”. In the loosely coupled organization, like a franchise operation, people work for the same organization but may be disconnected daily. They may come together for training, but generally, there are separate cultures for each of the organizations.

Nursing Turnover:

Nursing turnover is one of the biggest issues impacting profitability and performance in healthcare organizations. Healthcare organizations require a highly trained, fully engaged, and stable workforce. Losing critical employees impacts healthcare in many ways including a) Decreased quality of patient care, b) Loss of patience, c) Increased accident and absenteeism rates, and d) Increase staffing costs. 

It could be argued that “employees quit managers, not businesses.” Depending on the organizational type, it may be easier for some nurses to quit. Here are a few factors that drive turnover in nursing:

Feeling disrespected in the workplace
Poor communication among team members
Lack of trust
Ineffective collaboration with others
Submission Instructions:

Address the following components for the assignment submission:

Considering the additional information related to organizational structure, discuss the organizational structure that best describes the type(s) of organization(s) you work for now or in the past.
Provide an explanation with examples on how the organizational structure aligned with the organizational leadership strategy.
Reflecting on nursing turnover, discuss if your selected organizational structure and leadership style is a good fit to prevent nursing turnover. Provide at least one scholarly source within five (5) years to support your discussion.
Identify and discuss an additional driver (outside of the four described above) from your personal work experience or from the literature.
As a healthcare leader, what recommendations would you make to alleviate or minimize the impact the additional driver you selected?
Provide a brief description of the type of organizational structure you would prefer to work and explain why.

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