Individual Project Topic and Paper Structure

This individual project aims to apply supply chain and related aspects covered in the course.

Company: The company that I have chosen for the below topic of the paper is Amazon.

The Topic of the paper: How do network analytics contribute to the dimensions of performance (e.g., exploring supply chain actors’ networks and analysing their contributions to performance dimensions (e.g., Internet of things and automated data collection and its effects on business performance)

Please read the paper structure very carefully, especially the part where you address the issues/ problems and the solutions related to the company and topic for this supply chain management report.

Supply Chain Management Structure (It should be between 3000 – 3300 words) noted that References, table and figure are not countable. You should follow the below structure when you write the paper.

  1. Introduction and the scenario for the problem and issues (500 – 550 words)

(You should give an introduction about the company (Amazon), and the topic. Don’t write a lot of details in the introduction as you are going to explain the topic and the company on the supply chain later in more details in the next sections.

  1. Guiding the reader what is included in the project; the sequence and a brief explanation of each section
    1. A detailed description of the problem and issues, where the application is required, and why
    1. Research, analyse, evaluate, and consolidate relevant information and data that help to identify the gap in the required application/technologies or to support your arguments for the problem
  2. Up-to-date literature review with a critical approach (800 – 880 words)
    1. Significance, breadth of sources, criticality, consistent referencing style, tightly connected with the topic, application, and examples for justification
    1. High quality and a broad range of literature sources for the arguments, reflecting a critical literature review approach
    1. Sources/references are frequently explained individually so the reader can easily understand the findings of the study presented
    1. Excellently connected with the chosen application/topic, clearly showing how it contributes to performance dimensions
    1. Accurately & completely list all sources used, logically written and connected, and theories/models used for referencing as explained in the template
  • Technical platform, relevant challenges, and the scenario after implementation of your solutions (1250 – 1375 words)
    • Define the technological platform (or measures) that you think are the most suitable to solve the problem and issues described in Section 1, providing examples and justification using cross-referencing from Section 2
    • The key challenges faced during the implementation are mentioned
    • Appropriately and realistically describe solution(s) and mapping against the problem mentioned in Section 1
    • Effectively comparing the situation before and after implementation
    • Demonstrating powers of critical analysis
  • Discussion and conclusions (450 – 495 words)
    • Excellently summarise the findings, and connect them with the scenarios and literature; Compare findings with the literature;
    • Evidence-based recommendations for managers that are excellently connected with the scenarios and literature
    • Limitations and future research recommendations
    • Discussion of insightful and specific analysis

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