This purpose of this paper is to test the ability to apply sociological knowledge to an
analysis of issues emerging from the field of Health and Society. Using a relevant
sociological perspective covered in the course as their theoretical framework (e.g., social determinants approach, conflict theory, intersectionality), students will focus on a topic of their choosing for their research paper. Use a minimum of 6 scholarly sources (3 from course readings (NOTE: these will be provided as part of the uploaded files), 3 outside sources) that are relevant to their topic. The length of this Research Paper will be 6 pages double-spaced, plus a Works Cited page.

  • Discussing the topic from a critical, analytical and sociological perspective.
  •  Exploring the topic in the context of the focus area (Health &
    ), and critical analysis that considers the strengths and the
    weaknesses of the research sources in light of the paper’s main research
  •  Avoid relying too heavily on summarizing and/or describing your research
    sources, or simply describing a problem. You must engage the sources and
    critically apply them to your argument (i.e., thesis). Your analysis should
    address why and how this social problem/issue occurs. In other words, you
    need to examine the social process by which this social issue occurs and is
    legitimated in our society as normative. Make sure to draw on a relevant
    sociological perspective as your theoretical framework ( NOTE:Intersectionality)

  • Paper should include the following components:
    1) Title page: A topic of our own choice- within the context of the course
    subject matter: Health & society
    2) Introduction: introducing the topic; stating your thesis/research argument;
    outlining the specified points (objectives) and research questions you will
    be exploring in the paper;
    3) Body of Paper: where you develop your argument with support from your
    reference sources;
    4) Conclusion: links your main ideas together;
    5) Bibliography/List of references: Minimum of 6 scholarly sources (3
    from course readings, 3 outside sources); use of proper referencing style such as APA
  • Both direct quotes and an author’s ideas must be referenced in the paper. The
    paper should primarily be written in your own voice with social science
    citations crediting the scholars to whom those ideas belong. APA is the
    preferred referencing style. Your references in your bibliography must include
    the author’s name, the year of the publication, the exact and complete title of
    the article/book, the publisher’s name, the city of publication, and (in the case
    of a journal article or book chapter) page numbers.

NOTE: Please select another 3 outside sources/reading and also use the 3 reading that will be uploaded.

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