Due: as per syllabus

Value: 15%   Submit in electronic copy to Turnitin  by 5 pm

1). Annotated Bibliography

Annotate 5 possible academic sources (2 must be peer) for your Research Paper.  

This assignment closely follows the conventions and format of a traditional MLA 8-styled Works Cited page:  you need to include complete citation information for each source, order alphabetically by author’s last name, double space citation entry, and use a hanging indent.  

It differs, then, as following each source is a 1-2 sentence summary about the work and another 1-2 sentences about how it relates to your topic.  This is not an article review; you need to consider how the article is relevant to your topic/thesis. 

Layout would like this:

Student Name

English 112-001

Annotated Bibliography

Surname, Given.  “Article Title.”  Journal Title, vol. 33, no. 2, Jan. 2010, pp. 70-91.  Database, doi: jml.2010.33.2.70. Accessed 30 Mar. 2016.          

Black’s article explores the positive aspects of a post-secondary education… 2-3 sentences as the source relates to your topic. (Yes the summary is single space, typically).

Next, Source…  citation…

Cosworth’s articles traces the increases to tuition for post-secondary education….  etc.


Each source, of which there must be FIVE, will have 1. citation entry and 2. short summary.  Submit in hard-copy at the start of class

2). Introductory Paragraph

Craft the introductory paragraph for your essay.  It should provide the context for your argument and a detailed “working” thesis:

This should include:




Thesis help: 

(“I” clause:  In this paper I will argue*) ASSERTION:  because clause* EVIDENCE:

  1. key words/phrase from body paragraph one

  2. key words/phrase from body paragraph two

                                                   3. key words/phrase from body paragraph three

*I clause* and *because clause* to be rewritten before submission. It is present only in the drafting stage to ensure a clear relationship exists between your ASSERTION and EVIDENCE.


Due: as per syllabus

(bring a hard or electronic copy of your completed Research Essay and LSH to last class of the week)


Due: as per syllabus

Value:  25%

 (electronic submission to—link provided under Research Essay toggle on Moodle)

  • Your paper can be on any topic you wish; however, your essay must be argumentative in its impulse; that is, you must try and convince the reader of the validity of your thesis.
  • Length:  7 pages in length, to be double-spaced on standard 8 1/2 by 11” white paper, typed in 12 pt. font (Times New Roman), and follow MLA citation and stylization.  Therefore, you must have a title and a Works Cited page.  Use the example provided in LSH pages 161-169.
  • You must use at least *THREE* academic secondary sources.  Further, two of your secondary sources should be peer reviewed academic articles (therefore, published by a university press, and/or written by an academic etc).  Wikipedia, for example, is NOT an academic source.
  • Your topic must be “grounded” by evidence; by this I mean that assertions must be supported.  Your primary source is your first line of evidence.
  • Remember, the sources should be included to support or refute (contrast) your claim and NOT to ‘pad’ your paper.  In other words, I want to hear what you think.
  • Be certain to cast your essay in an objective, analytical tone; therefore, you should avoid use of first person (the “I”). 

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