Here are some hints to further clarify the expectations for this assignment. As the instructions explain, several required points need to be covered:

1) The injustice itself needs to be the primary focus. The presumption here is that the issue you have chosen is an injustice. That is the reason for choosing it: there is something wrong going on. The assignment requires gathering DATA to document the extent and seriousness of the issue itself and of its unjust effects. It would be ideal if you also found documentation of the injustices at the roots of the problem (for example, policies that deliberately allow the poor to suffer disproportionately from the problem; tactics that block effective solutions, etc.).

2) Then you need to research/discuss how ONE of the Franciscan values relates to the issue: what does it bring to the table? While the primary focus should be on the problem itself, the secondary focus — only after the problem itself has been thoroughly “unpacked” — should be on how the value offers a response to the problem.

3) Then you need to do research on the contemporary Christian perspective on the problem. Be careful not to get sidetracked by fringe Christian groups; explore what mainline Christian leaders have to say.

4) Then you need to do research on the contemporary perspective of another religious tradition. Many religious leaders have spoken out on many current social issues; some of what they have said is considered authoritative teaching in their tradition.

Again, read and follow the assignment instructions carefully. They include many additional and very essential details. The points laid out here do not substitute for those, but only add clarification.

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