Write your short reactions to the following selections. Please react to all 10 songs listed.

Bebop piano player comparison & Emergence of New Styles

Even within a sub-style of jazz such as Bebop, there are stylistic differences among musicians. Listen to these three recordings of three of the most important pianists of the Bebop revolution.

1.Tadd Dameron – Lady Bird (Links to an external site.)Note about the form of this tune: This song has a 16-bar form, and it simply repeats this form throughout the performance. When a composition is written like this and played all the way through without any repeated sections, it is called “through-composed”. So, in musical terms, Lady Bird is a 16-bar through-composed jazz composition, not a popular song-form. In this particular recording, the band plays 8 bars as an introduction before starting the melody.

2.Bud Powell – Somebody Loves Me (Links to an external site.)– AABA form

Timeline: 0 seconds -11 seconds – Intro (8 bars) – note:
12” – A (8 bars)
24” – A (8 bars, repeat of first A)
36” – B (8 bars)
48” – last A (8 bars)
1 minute – improvised solo begins (AABA one complete chorus=32 bars)
1’51” – A begins melody again
2’03” – A
2’16” – improvises on B section (called the “bridge”)
2’29” – A + 4 extra bars to end (“tag”)

3.Thelonious Monk – Blue Monk (Links to an external site.)

This song is a 12-bar blues done in Monk’s unique way

  • There is no intro to the tune – they start right at the top of the melody
  • They play a short tag at the end to end the tune
  • The saxophone player you hear is John Coltrane, whose influence will be noted by all who follow him


More jazz styles develop – Listening Examples

      – Cool Jazz

4.1949 Miles Davis; “Boplicity”, from album Birth of the Cool (Links to an external site.)

5.1956 Chet Baker (trumpet/vocal); “But Not For Me” from the album Chet Baker Sings (Links to an external site.)

6.1959 – Dave Brubeck Quartet (Brubeck on piano; Paul Desmond on alto sax) “Take Five” from the album Time Out. (Links to an external site.)


Hard Bop style

7. Horace Silver (Horace Silver, Blue Mitchell and Junior Cook) on you tube

from album Pieces of Silver


8.1963 Cannonball Adderly (alto sax) and Nat Adderly (cornet); “Work Song”, from American network television show Jazz Scene USA (Links to an external site.)


– Third Stream style

The Stan Kenton recording you heard in Lesson Activity 4.6 (Malaguena), may be considered third stream.

9.1957 Jimmy Guiffre (tenor sax) with the Gunther Schuller Orchestra; “Suspensions” (Links to an external site.)


10.1960 Miles Davis; “Concierto de Aranjuez” from the album Sketches of Spain. Gil Evans, musical arranger (Links to an external site.)

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