Part A: Knowledge

For questions 1 – 5, select the best answer. No steps required.                                                  [         /5K]

  1. Which sampling method divides the population into a hierarchy?
A. ConvenienceB. Cluster
C. MultistageD. Stratified
  • Which statement is true?
A. Any well correlated data is always a cause and effect relationshipB. Voluntary Sampling is considered random
C. Mean deviation is a measure of central tendencyD. If r = -0.9 it is considered weak
  • Which of the following is not an example of nominal data
A. Last Played Video gameB. Hair Colour
C. WeightD. Favourite  Food
  • Identify the type of bias in the following situation: An employer asks if you have been arrested before.
A. Measurement biasB. Non-response bias
C. Response biasD. Sampling bias
  • Identify the type of bias in the following situation: You hand out surveys to your classmates and ask who the best actor is. Brad Pitt or Chris Evans
A. Measurement biasB. Non-response bias
C. Response biasD. Sampling bias
  • In Chemistry, Knowledge and Thinking are both worth 20% while Communication and Application are each worth 15% for the term. If Jeremy has his marks distributed by the following: K=90%, T=95%,   C=85% and A = 90%, what is his term mark?                                                               [         /2K]

b) If the final exam is worth 30%, and Jeremy got 90% on it, what is his final mark?

                                                                                                                            [         /1K]

Part B: Application

  • Michael surveyed the grade 12 students at school to figure out how many hours of sleep did they get last night. The following is his results.

Calculate the mean, median and mode.                                                                   [         /3A]

  • We want to know how the students in MDM are doing. So we sampled one of the classes to represent all the students taking MDM this semester.

a) Find the inter quartile range and semi-inter quartile range Q1, Q2 and Q3                     [         /4A]

b) What percentile is a mark of 77?                                                                                    [         /1A]

Part C: Thinking

  • Which class would consider the stronger overall class? A class with a median of 70 and mean of 80 or a class with a median of 80 and mean of 70? Explain                                                    [         /2T]
  1. What type of correlation would you expect to see for the following situations and describe their strength and if they are positive or negative?                                                 [         /4T]

a) The temperature outdoors and the number of people using jogging

b) The better my marks, the more I am going to study

c) The more I smoke, the less time I will have on Earth

d) My mark in Science and my mark in Math

  1. We want to see if a certain drug is really good at curing headaches. We need to design an experiment to test this out. We will randomly select 200 people give each a pill that look exactly the same, but only 100 has medication in it.
  2. What type of experiment do we need to run                                                  [     /1T]

b) The group that receives the medication is known as the what?                                  [          /1T]

Part D: Communication

  1.  “After the tragedy of the Nova Scotia mass shooting, should the government apply stricter gun laws?”

What type of bias is this question and how would you fix it to make it more unbiased?       [          /2C]

  1. Industrial engineers often find that the defect rates for a production line form a “bathtub” curve on a graph similar to the one shown below. What observation can you make and inference can you assume to explain why this curve is he way it is                                                                      [         /4C]
  1. Explain why a student is getting a mark of 80% in a class where the mean is 70% with a standard deviation of 2% is considered doing better than a student who is getting 82% with a mean of 84 and a standard deviation of 4%                                                                                            [          /2C]
Knowledge /8Application /8Thinking /8Communication /8TOTAL /32

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