Read the companion cases “Rana Plaza: Workplace Safety in Bangladesh (A)” and “Rana Plaza: Workplace Safety in Bangladesh (B),” then respond to the questions below.

We have said that decisions have consequences beyond those immediately intended. What was the consequence of excluding Bangladesh from the Multifiber Arrangement enacted in 1974?
Walmart employs approximately 1% of the U.S. workforce and accounts for approximately 2% of the U.S. economy’s gross domestic product. These numbers likely have an impact on how local, state, and federal governments treat the company, as well as how activist organizations approach them. Consider the similar numbers for the garment industry in Bangladesh. Also, consider the difference in the cultures of the two countries. How have the numbers affected the Bangladesh garment industry?
The state of the industry prior to the Rana Plaza disaster created one issue for the government of Bangladesh and a different issue for the manufacturers and exporters. Define the two issues.
Do you believe that supply chain standards in the garment industry are the responsibility of the end seller? Explain your answer. If you answer “no,” are there industries where you believe the seller is responsible? If so, list some of them and explain why you differentiate between the two.
Why was it easier for Disney to move its production from Bangladesh than it would be for Walmart?
Explain the difference in the two agreements—the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh and the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety—that made the latter, but not the former, acceptable to U.S. retailers.
Who needs to be involved in any issues management plan that would create a sustainable leadership platform for garment manufacturing in Bangladesh?

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