Respond to the scenario below, developing a plan that flips the issue to a sustainable leadership position. Collaborate with your group members (using the small group space under Course Essentials as needed) to create a holistic plan to manage the immediate issue and create a leadership platform.


You are the lead issues manager for a major international brewer. You have just been informed that one of your breweries in Thailand, owned by a subsidiary company, has been discharging untreated wastewater into a canal running out to the ocean off of Phuket. Local fishermen are claiming that the discharge is killing fish and are demanding compensation. Tourist businesses along the beach in Phuket are demanding that the brewery shut down until tertiary treatment is installed and that the beach be cleaned up. Plant management says that it meets all local and national regulations and that any issues should be taken up with the government.

Be careful to consider all stakeholders—inside and outside the company.

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