Leaders in the health information management field are responsible for important hospital operations. Data analysis, patient care, and maintaining compliance are all processes and policies that leadership must maintain and even sometimes create. These procedures must apply to a variety of different professions within the hospital, not just health information management, as every role within the hospital works with health information in different ways. In addition, developing methods for training employees, and enacting those methods, is of paramount importance in order to accommodate the variety of roles that must be trained.

For the second and last part of your final project, you will demonstrate your knowledge of the field of health information management by writing a professional identity statement.

· Compare and contrast the roles and interrelationships of professionals, organizations, and services offered in the field of health information management for determining a personal role within the field


Professional Identity Statement: In this section, you will develop a professional identity statement. This statement is a reflection of your familiarity with the field of health information management and of what your personal role will be within the field.

I. Develop a professional identity statement addressing the following:

A. Compare and contrast the roles that professionals, organizations, and services serve within the field. B. Compare and contrast how professionals, organizations, and services within the field are interrelated. C. Determine what you believe will be your personal role as a professional across the healthcare delivery system.

Your professional identity statement should be 1 page in length using 12-point Times New Roman font.

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