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x-bar Chart:


Process Capability Ratio:

Process Capability Index:

Question 1

Chapter 3: Dr. Patel is concerned about the long wait times in his office. The following table presents seven random observations for the patient waiting times over a period of 12 days.

Observations (mins) 
  1. Dr. Patel is willing to use three-sigma limits. Use the given data and the factors from Table 3.1 (page 110) to construct R-chart and -chart.
  2. Interpret your charts.
  3. The patient surveys indicate that they are willing to wait between 20 and 40 minutes before seeing Dr. Patel. Calculate the process capability index and capability ratio at the three-sigma level. Is the process capable of meeting this demand at the three-sigma level?

Question 2

Chapter 6: Read and watch the video for the case “Lean Systems at Autoliv” (pages 241&242); video can be viewed at this link: Discuss process and supply chain considerations presented in Chapter 6 as they relate to Autoliv’s manufacturing environment.Discuss at least 3 considerations and clearly explain how each helps Aultoliv to minimize which of the 8 types of waste listed in Table 6.1 on page 214 of the textbook (about 300-400 words).

Question 3

Chapter 6: Find an academic journal article about the use of lean systems to improve quality. Briefly discuss the important points highlighted in the article in your own words and provide your comments on those points (about 300-400 words total).

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