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Open Stax:

All answers must be in complete sentences or well-developed phrases. One- or two-word answers will not be graded unless otherwise indicated.

Terms 2-8 use the table provided: you do not need to use complete sentences in the table, but you must provide a complete answer.

  1. Bering Strait/Land bridge
    1. Where is the bridge located and connects which two continents?

Scholars believe that there was a bridge that connects Asia and North America.

  • Why is this theory important to the development of the western hemisphere?

This theory is important because it opens up new ideas about our past that we may have missed.

  • Tribes of North East Americas
    • Location
    • Who were the “six nations?” (list)
    • General characteristics/life/culture
      • The long houses
      • Were they nomadic or permanent?
      • What type of government did they establish?
  • The Mound Builders
    • Where in North America were these people located?
    • What conclusions have historians made about this civilization?
    • What happened to them?
  • Tribes of the South East
    • Where are they located in North American?
    • Characteristics of life/work/adapting to environment
      • Daub houses
      • Types of Agriculture?
    • Were they Nomadic or permanent?
  • Tribes of the South West
    • Where are they Located in North America?
    • List Two major tribes
    • Explain how they adapted to their environment?
  • Tribes of the Great Plains
    • General location of these tribes in North America.
    • Were they Nomadic or permanent?
    • Give Two reasons they were very different from other North American tribes.
    • Explain the idea of the warrior tribes.
    • What was the role of buffalo in Great Plains natives’ lives?
  • Tribes of the North West
    • Where is their Location in North America?
    • Characteristics of life
      • Were they Nomadic or permanent?
      • Give examples of the Type of work life and culture of these tribes.

What is the importance of Totem poles ?

Seven tribe(s): list all in one columnLocationTribal characteristicsLifestyle/culture/family structureUnique characteristics
Tribe of ______     Tribe a     Tribe b     Etc.Geographic general areaPermanent, nomadic, adapted to environment, etc.Type of housing, any “government” type structure, languageAnything that makes this group particularly different or memorable
  • Native Americans View of Land, Spiritual Life/Religion.
    • How did they view the concept of property ownership in regards to land?
    • What did they believe was their responsibility toward the land and environment?
    • Their main religious focus was based on what concept?
  • Use the link to answer this: From the arrival of the European explorers/colonizers, explain what happened to the Native Americans located in the Western Hemisphere. Use specific numbers in your answer. Also include how the Natives’ way of life was permanently altered by the coming of the Europeans.

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