Of the following four essay questions, write on three. Each question should be addressed in 300-400 words (900-1200 words total). Place the midterm exam in the Dropbox in the Midterm topic of the Canvas site. You may use the Bible, the Zondervan Handbook, your thematic papers, and your class and reading notes. Do not use any internet resources or discuss this midterm with anybody. Doing so constitutes academic misconduct.

  1. Discuss how the relationship between Israel as a covenant community and as a political community changed over time.  Be sure to consider specifically the relationship of the Patriarchs to cities and civilization, the relationship between priestly and secular leadership, and the changes in leadership structure from Moses, to the elders, to the judges, to the kings.
  • Describe changes in God’s covenantal relationship with the world and with the people of Israel.  To what extent were the covenants conditional and to what extent were they unconditional?  How and why do these change over time?
  • Describe how God selected the people of Israel as a vehicle for his self-revelation, paying particular attention to the Exodus narrative and the giving of the law.
  • Genesis suggests that this world operates according to a kind of Poetic Justice, or “what goes around comes around.” Compare this vision with the message of Job. Can these views be harmonized?

Let me know if you have any questions.

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