If the HR function is to become a strategic partner within an organization, it must be able to measure the results of its activities and programs. But how? The case places you in the position of an external consultant who is mandated to identify and develop indicators that will be used to establish a balanced scorecard for the head of the Staffing and Workforce Planning Division of the Société de Transport de Montréal (STM). This is a decision-making case, since it asks you to decide on the relevant indicators to be selected for the balanced scorecard. The solutions/indicators must be based on an exhaustive analysis of the situation and information conveyed in the case and its appendices.

Prepare a 1200 word written reply to the question found in the last paragraph of page 11 of the case: “ponder the next steps you need to take to establish indicators that will allow the Staffing and Workforce Planning Division to follow its action plan and achieve its objectives.”

Your suggestions for the Staffing and Workforce Planning Division should use the attached pdf textbook, Mello, J. A. (2019). Strategic Human Resource Management, as the main reference. Chapters 5, 6 and 7 should apply but, its possible other earlier chapters could be useful for reference as well. Those references to the textbook readings and case must be included in your paper. The intent is that you analyze the case and synthesize the material in this module in your reply, as opposed to just reiterating facts found in the case.

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