JFK Cuban Missile Crisis Speech, 1962  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYVPx3x3oCg

Duck and Cover Video, 1951   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKqXu-5jw60

  1. Summarize the JFK Cuban Missile Crisis Speech in at least one complete paragraph of no less than 7 sentences. Be specific. (10 pts)
  • Summarize the Duck and Cover video in at least one complete paragraph of no less than 7 sentences. Be specific.(10 pts)

  • Based on your reading of Chapter 25 and the primary sources listed above, analyze the following statement in no less than two complete paragraphs of 7 sentences each (is it true or false, and why):  The Cold War was an unavoidable conflict.  Your answer should contain in-text citations from the textbook and at least three examples from Chapter 25. Answers should be written in your own words. Please avoid quotes in your answer.  Your grade will be based on analysis, accuracy, and clear and logical presentation of the concepts. (25 points)
  • What did you learn about the Cold War era from these sources, that you might not have learned from a textbook?  Your answer should be no less than 5 complete sentences. (5 points)

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