For the longitudinal project this quarter, you are to develop a 1-page patient education handout on a vaccine. The handout can be 1-sided or double-sided but should not exceed 1 page. The handout must include at least one image or graphic. 

For this project, assume you are completing an APPE ( Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience) rotation at K-Town Pharmacy, an independent community pharmacy. This pharmacy has a standing order to be able to administer vaccines to patients following the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations and the pharmacy is willing to vaccinate patients age 8 and older. Your preceptor has asked you to develop a patient education handout on a vaccine. This handout will be printed and used to promote vaccinations in the pharmacy. The handout will also be posted on the pharmacy’s social media pages. It should be visually appealing and written at an appropriate level for patients. Your preceptor has asked you to include the following on the handout: importance of vaccination, who should get this vaccine, and what patients can expect after receiving this vaccine. Your preceptor has encouraged you to be creative when designing your handout but has instructed you to keep your handout clear and concise. Further details of what your preceptor has asked you to include on the handout are provided in the instructions below.

This activity will help you develop confidence in your ability to perform the following EPA: educate patients and professional colleagues regarding the appropriate use of medications.


  1. Select a vaccine using the list of vaccines provided. (MODERNA COVID-19)
  2. Review and utilize the resources below to develop your patient education handout and video. You may also utilize additional resources.  
    1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Recommended Adult

Immunization Schedule


  • Immunization Action Coalition website ( 
    • Package insert and/or FDA product approval for your selected vaccine


  • Vaccine Information Statement for your selected vaccine


  • Review the Patient Education Materials Assessment Tool for Printable Materials (PEMAT-P) that is posted to Canvas to ensure you are developing your patient education handout in a way that helps ensure patients understand the material. 
  • Your patient education handout should include the following information:
    • What infection the vaccine protects against.
    • How the virus the vaccine protects against is transmitted.
    • Importance of the vaccine (preventing complications of the infection the vaccine protects against).
    • Who should receive the vaccine based on the recommendations from the ACIP.
    • K-Town Pharmacy immunizes patients age 8 and older; however, if the vaccine is recommended for younger patients, you should still include the recommendation for younger patients on your handout.
    • What is the CDC recommended schedule for the vaccination. 
    • Who should NOT receive the vaccine based on contraindications or precautions to the vaccine.
    • What patients should expect after receiving the vaccine in terms of selfmonitoring of potential side effects or severe reactions.
    • What patients should do if they experience a severe reaction to the vaccine.
    • Where patients can go to receive the vaccine – this should be specific to the immunization service K-Town Pharmacy provides.
    • At least 1 image or graphic that enhances the understandability of the handout.
    • References used to develop the patient education handout cited using the AMA Manual of Style. References may be listed in a smaller font than the rest of the handout content.

Tips to Be Successful

  • Utilize the resources suggested.
  • Ensure you address all of the information listed in the instructions.
  • Review the “Patient Education Handout and Video Rubric” that is posted to Canvas before you start to understand the expectations of the project.
  • Review the “Simply Put” document that is posted to Canvas when developing your patient education handout to help you create an easy-to-understand handout. Below are some additional websites that you may find helpful when putting together your patient education handout:


  • After you develop your patient education handout, evaluate your handout using the PEMAT-P to review the understandability of the handout. 
  • After you develop your patient education handout and video, review the “Patient Education Handout and Video Rubric” again to ensure that you have addressed all the information and have appropriately developed your handout and video.
  • Break the project into smaller tasks so it feels less overwhelming to complete. Examples tasks to complete may include:
    • Draft a bullet points of the key concepts you want to discuss. o Create a catchy title to include at the top of your handout.
    • Begin looking for visual aids that will reinforce the content and make your handout easier to understand. o Decide what tool you want to use to make your handout. You can use Word but could also consider other platforms such as Canva, Photoshop, etc. o Draft how you plan to lay out the information on the handout.
    • Create the first draft of the handout. o Replace any sentences with phrases.
    • Ensure section headers are short and descriptive.
    • Add design elements such as arrows, bullet points, bold font, larger font, etc. to highlight key points. o Add references. o Proofread for accuracy of the information and grammar and spelling errors.

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