Review the 6 key elements of a learning organization (Ch. 11 of Strategic Management, by Dess).

Complete the table below.Evaluate the extent to which the company you’ve selected to assess in this course epitomizes each of the 6 elements. 

Justify your determination with examples. 

Learning Organization ElementExtent to which the company epitomizes this element Provide a sentence justifying your determination
High Medium Low 
Example x [This] is why I believe it is medium.
Inspiring and motivating people with a mission or purpose     
Developing leaders     
Empowering employees     
Accumulating and sharing internal knowledge     
Gathering and integrating external information     
Challenging the status quo and enabling creativity     
Recommend at least 1 step the organization’s leaders could take to enhance 1 of the elements and explain how that could help the organization create more value.  

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