Lecture Questions:

  1. List the functions of the digestive system.
  • Which organ is located primarily in the thoracic cavity? 
  • What are the names and functions of the sphincter muscles at either end of the stomach?
  • Describe the functions of the stomach.
  • The spleen is not a part of the digestive system.  What system does it belong to and what is its function?
  • The liver is an extremely important organ of the body with very complex function.  Explain the functions of the liver.
  • Describe the function of the pancreas.
  • List and describe the three parts of the small intestine and the function of each.
  • List and describe the eight parts of the large intestine and the function of each.

How the food you eat affects your gut:

  1. Describe the importance of your gut microbiome.
  1. How do dietary choices affect gut health?
  1. What happens when bacteria digest fiber in your guts?
  1. Describe what happens when we eat low fiber, processed, foods.
  1. Describe what foods introduce good bacteria into our guts.

Textbook Memmler’s The Human Body.

In Health and Disease Enhanced 14th Edition

Barbara Janson cohen Kerry L. Hull

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