-Read and answer the questions below.

-APA 7 -Cite course textbook in answers below.

-Course Textbook: Sexual Offenses and Offenders: Theories, Practices and Policies 2nd edition Author: Karen Terry ISBN: 978-1-11304982-1 Publisher Cengage: Wadsworth

1. Who was Jacob Wetterling and how did this case affect Sex Offender Legislation?

2. Is it possible to balance the rights of sex offenders and the public, why or why not?

3. The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers have been instrumental in the rehabilitation efforts of this population. What are some of the primary challenges of sex offender treatment programs? Can these challenges be overcome and if so how? Should any sex offenders be excluded from treatment? If so who and why?

4. Discuss in detail sex offender notification laws. Be sure to give the arguments for and against the law; include your thoughts and opinion within your response.

5. We have come a long way since medical treatment of sexual offenders began in the 1940’s; one of the most recent developments have been civil commitment programs. Do you believe civil commitment facilities do more harm than good, why or why not? Can individuals in these programs really be rehabilitated?

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