Consider the case videos we have been watching this semester that have highlighted direct social work practice with the sample client Daniel.

IN A MAXIMUM OF FIVE DOUBLE-SPACED written PAGES which Does not include title and referenece page, PLEASE ADDRESS THE FOLLOWING (points will be deducted for addition written pages)

  1. Goals: Develop at least three specific, measurable goals that you would include if you were the practitioner working with Daniel (they must be different goals than the ones identified in the videos).
  2. Theoretical approach: Define and describe the theoretical approaches that you would use to assist Daniel in working toward these goals. Justify your approach.
  3. Treatment interventions: Define and describe the treatment interventions that you would use with Daniel to work toward his goals. Justify your approach.
  4. Cultural factors: Ashley is a young cisgender woman from a rural, traditional family and community, and she’s working with her first transgender client. What specific steps or actions should Ashley take in order to ensure that she provides culturally competent care for this client?

Your paper should include at least two scholarly references, which may include a textbook or other course materials, and must reflect the rules of grammar and APA style. This assignment is worth up to 100 points and is due ET

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