Health Policies


Answer ONE essay question.

  1. Discuss to what extend does the National Health Service in England continue to conform to the typological ideal of a public service.
  • Compare and analyse the difference in governance and health outcomes between two of the national health services in the UK.
  • When does a nudge become a shove? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of design architecture theory?
  • Why do health inequalities persist and is a radically different approach necessary to address this social injustice?
  • To what extent can the history of the National Health Service in the UK be characterised by pragmatic compromise and ideological conflict?
  • How can social determinants of health be addressed in low-income countries (focus on no more than two countries)?

The Essay should be 3,000 words in length, typed (double-spaced), fully referenced and follow the Harvard style of referencing.  The essay must be the candidates’ original work that has not previously been submitted in any form. Essays should be submitted via Blackboard with hard copy to College administration.

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