Pick ONE question and answer it in 3000 words. Use a minimum of 5 sources.

Essay Questions

  • Can war be ethical despite the destruction it causes?
  • Can Humanitarian intervention be justified?
  • Is Terrorism ever morally justified?
  • Are human rights a global ethical standard or an ideological imposition?
  • Is there an ethical responsibility to tackle poverty and injustice? Who holds this duty?
  • Can it be just that our world is so unequal and so many live in severe poverty?
  • Is the nation-state undermined by a focus on individual rights?
  • Is there an ethical duty to tackle climate change? Who holds this duty?
  • Is it justified for states to close their borders to refugees and/or migrants?
  • Can the liberal order be preserved and redeemed through international law?
  • Should we have completely open borders?
  • Is the nation state adequate to address the ethical dilemmas of contemporary world politics?
  • Can cosmopolitanism be a moral alternative to the exclusivity of the nation- state?

Assessment Criteria

Essays will be assessed on a variety of criteria. These include:

  • The extent to which an argument has been provided in response to the question
  • The extent to which the argument is well supported with accurate and insightful use of evidence from the work of academic scholars
  • The extent of understanding of complex theories and concepts
  • The quality and clarity of the analysis and evaluation of the theories and concepts.
  • The use of good referencing
  • The extent to which the material is written clearly, fluently and with correct grammar and spelling

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