Readings: Technical Writing (TW), Ch. 91

I: Introduction:

Ethical writing is essential to first-rate technical communication in general and reports writing in

particular. This week’s assigned readings contain information about ethics in technical communication;

this information will help you respond to the assignment.

II: Rationale for Completing this Assignment:

Providing your reader with honest written and visual documentation demonstrates your credibility as a

technical communicator. If readers get the impression that some information is dishonest, it is unlikely.

that they will trust anything you write. This assignment will provide you with opportunities to consider.

various aspects of ethics in technical communication. 

III: Assignment:

1. Complete the assigned readings.

2. Read the following scenario and then follow the instructions

The XYZ2 Club, long known as an organization for men only, wants to produce public relations.

report/pamphlet to inform the community that their club is now open to both men and women. The

organization asks several female employees to pose for pictures that will be used in the report/pamphlet.

none of the women in the pictures are members. You know that until a few years ago, women were not.

even allowed in XYZ’s building. To date, the club has approved just two women for membership. 

Your supervisor tells you to produce the written portion of the report/pamphlet, where you are expected to describe the club’s membership diversity. If you refuse to write the information for this report/pamphlet,

your job could be in jeopardy. Based on what you have learned from the assigned readings, as well as

your own values, what will you do and why?

IMPORTANT: use specific information from the readings to support your answer. Format in-text

citations in APA and also include an APA-formatted References page 3 at the end of the document.       

IV: Formatting 

Write the document in Microsoft Word (DOCX), Times New Roman 12-point font ONLY.

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