This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements:   

CLR 1: Compare major groups of fungi and their impact on current human affairs.

CLR 2: Summarize the roles of fungi in natural systems.

CLR 3: Explore the industrial application of fungi and their bi-products.

CLR 4: Contrast the historical use of fungi in different cultures.

CLR 5: Select, critically assess and document information using accepted citation principles.

Objective of this Assignment:   

In this assignment, we will be learning more, via research, about Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is a set of practices that protects plants holistically. This means not only considering the control of pests, but also practices that sustain health, such as using the proper soil, watering, pruning, enough sunlight, etc. If a plant is healthy all around, it is less likely to succumb to disease.

An example might be a flowering shrub in my back yard. In order for it to have sustained health, I need to plant it in the appropriate soil (sandy, clay, well drained, etc.) at the proper depth. I also have to consider how much light it needs. It needs to be pruned sometime during the year. These ‘cultural’ practices keep the plant healthy, reducing the incidence of disease pests and the need for pesticides. Mycorrhyzae could help this plant by creating soil root associations to increase nutrient and water uptake. However, there still could be fungal diseases specific to this plant. Considering these factors together is part of integrated pest management practices.

Pre-Assignment Instructions:

  1. For this assignment, you need to research a specific plant and a fungal species association, and then identify the practices to keep the plant you have identified healthy.  Here is a link to IPM practices and examples .

Assignment Tasks:

1. Pick a plant that has a fungal association. Identify both the plant and fungus by their scientific names.  Often outdoor plants, such as trees, are easier to find in terms of fungal associations. (1-2 paragraphs)

2. Identify and describe the relationship between the fungus and the plant (pest, predator, ‘friend or foe’) Describe the habitat of each. (2-3 paragraphs)

3. Describe the general IPM practices that would be used to protect and sustain the plant. Include the use of the chosen fungus or how that fungus must be dealt with. Discuss how these holistic cultural IPM practices address more than just pests, but also over all plant health. (2-3 paragraphs)

4. Reflect on the multi-disciplinary knowledge required to protect plants from disease, under IPM. (1-2 paragraphs).


Use a college-approved referencing style such as APA or IEEE, for any documentation. Refer to Brightspace for further details. This includes a reference page.

Minimum 500 words (not including references and title page)

Include a title page, with standard formatting (full name, student number, date, section, etc.)

Assignment 1 Grading Rubric (15%) 

CriteriaExcellent 80-100%Good 50-79%Requires Improvement <50%Points  
Assignment QualityAll information offered is accurate   All views are clearly expressed and well explained   Contains original ideas, connections or applicationsMost information offered is accurate   Most views are clearly expressed and explained   Contains mainly original ideas, connections or applicationsSome or no accurate information offered   Views are rarely or never clear and require further explanation   Many non- original ideas, or unclear connections or applications/5
Assignment Knowledge and Skills Demonstration      Clear, concise synthesis of course content to demonstrate understanding of topic     All ideas are clearly developed, organized logically, and connected with effective transitions   Explores ideas, supports points fully using a balance of evidence, uses effective reasoning to make useful distinctions     All relevant course and topic links are madeEvidence of some synthesis of course content to demonstrate understanding of topic   Some unified and coherent ideas are developed with effective transitions     Supports most ideas with effective examples, and/or references, and details, makes key distinctions   Most relevant course and topic links are madeLack of evidence or weakness in the synthesis of course content to demonstrate understanding of topic   Develops and organizes ideas that are not necessarily connected.  Some ideas seem illogical and/or unrelated   Presents ideas in general terms, most ideas are inconsistent/unsupported, and reasoning is flawed or unclear   Some or no relevant course and topic links are made/5
Assignment StructureFormatted as per assignment details

Structure and format enhances delivery of the information   Clear language is used which leads to easy readability   Correct grammar and spelling is consistently used   No issues with APA using citations or references.
Formatted as per assignment details in most components   Structure and format fits well with the delivery of the information   Mostly clear language is used  with minor readability issues   Few or no spelling and/or grammatical errors   Minor issues with APA citations or referencesFormatting has not been followed     Structure and format is unclear and impedes delivery of the information   Language used is often unclear which impedes readability   Many spelling and grammatical errors     Incorrect use of APA formatting for citations and references[1]/5
Total Points   /15

[1] If there is evidence of missing citations or references, this could constitute plagiarism and will receive a grade of ‘0’. The regulations of academic dishonesty will apply.

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