The biggest obstacle you will face as a global project manager is culture. Your teams will be

very diverse and can come from many different countries. Organizations practice cultural

awareness through training and celebration. It is common to see artwork displayed and ethnic

foods served in the café.


For this assignment you will take a deep dive into the culture of the United Arab Emirates and present

a summary. In addition, contrast the cultural differences between the United Arab Emirates’ culture and America’s culture. Next, create a plan to prepare your project team for the cultural

differences, and how you will celebrate the diversity on your team during this project. Lastly, prepare a biblical defense to your cultural awareness plan.

Research at least 2 articles on the culture of the United Arab Emirates and 1 article on the culture of America. In addition, search for a tool or technique that you can use in your plan to promote cultural awareness in your team. Use APA references to add all of these to your paper

and cite them in your writing.

This paper should include:

1. An introduction and conclusion

2. Cultural summary of the United Arab Emirates

3. Cultural summary of America

4. Culture awareness plan

5. Biblical defense

The paper is to be written in APA format and be a minimum of 3 pages (body) not including the

title and references pages. No Abstract is required. If you use one, it too is excluded from the

page count.

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