Assignment Brief

Choose an organisation or an individual that has experienced a crisis sometime between May 2021 and May 2022 (NB: The date is important to ensure the crises analysed are different from the previous cohort). 

Critically analyse and evaluate the crisis management approach employed by the organization, with a focus on its use of social media. 

Explain why you think the strategy was successful or not. 

In the development of your argument, explain the theory behind crisis management in relation to the organization you have chosen. 

Referring to best practice principles in the literature as well as from the lecture on this topic what else could the organization have done to improve its response to the crisis? 

Further Detail

In answering your question, you are expected to conduct independent research by examining and analysing the organisation’s communication strategies with a focus on messages on ONE social media platform e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Broadly canvass the range of platforms and communication tools utilized in the strategy or response but then focus on one platform.

In developing your argument, provide relevant quotes from specific posts/tweets, explanations of pertinent images or videos, and details of the types of public engagement generated through these platforms (e.g. number of comments, types of comments, sample comments etc.).

Also include relevant social media screenshots (choose roughly 2-3 highly significant posts). It is recommended that you integrate screenshots into the body of your text at the point where you refer to them (or at the end of the paragraph) rather than all together in an appendix at the end of the essay (this makes it easy for markers to see rather than having to scroll to the end and back). Ensure you refer to your screenshots in the body of your text e.g. (See Figure 1). Please clearly indicate the source of the screenshot in a caption underneath (name of social media account, date).

Explain the significance of social media in relation to traditional media and other communication approaches that may have also been used by the organization (e.g. media releases, website communication, press conferences).

Briefly compare to a similar campaign run by another organization or a similar crisis experienced another organisation. Highlight 1-3 key similarities or differences in how both organisations approached the situation.


Ensure your essay is well structured, with a clear introduction that explains what the essay will cover, the key theories that will be applied to your case study, and your argument.

Ensure there is sufficient explanation of the context, what happened and who the main players are (don’t assume the teaching staff are up to date with the latest influencers!).

Ensure each paragraph in the analysis paragraphs propel the argument along with a topic sentence, elaboration, and a clear explanation of key theoretical points and how they can be applied to your case.

Ensure there is a strong conclusion that re-articulates your key points and argument.

Ensure references are well integrated into your writing so that it is clear which points come from which authors. i.e. it is a common mistake to see students putting a reference to a sentence that is about their case study without clear indication as to how they are using that specific scholar.

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