Chapter 28. The Unraveling:  

Chapter 29. The Triumph of the Right:

Based on your reading of Chapters 28 and 29, write a letter to a friend in Europe.  Your letter should contain an explanation of the following:

1. Three failures of the 1960s-1980s 
2. Three successes or achievements of the 1960s-1980s 

Your answer should contain examples from both chapters to earn full credit, as well as in-text citations in the following format:  (Chapter, Section #)


  1. Citations are required for every paragraph.  Please post in the following format: (Chapter, Section #) Simply copying the publishing information does not constitute a citation. 
  2. Quotation marks must be included for all wording copied directly from the text.  Citations tell me where you found the information used in your post.  Quotation marks tell me when the wording is not your own.  Wording copied directly from the textbook or other sources and displayed as your own work will be considered academic dishonesty.

  3. Outside sources may not be used.  Please use the chapter links below.
    Chapter 28. The Unraveling:

Chapter 29. The Triumph of the Right:

  1. Critical thinking requires more than paraphrasing information from the textbook.  Try to put yourself in the place of the people you are reading about each week and imagine history from their point of view.  

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