Lucky Me Animal Rescue Adoption Event Project Budget

Planning Phase and Budget Management

Lucky Me Animal Rescue’s Project is an adoption event that attracts people willing to adopt rescued animals and give them a better home and care. It enables the group to achieve one of the organization’s critical objectives. The event is supposed to take just a day, and the main objective is to finish the day by reaching forty percent of the area and getting the animals to new owners. The critical thing to note is understanding the association between cost and benefits (Richardson & Davidson, 2021). The average amount of money to be budgeted for the event is around five hundred dollars.

The project’s planning phase will involve the Project Manager working with the team to create the required design, the list of tasks to be done, the resource to be used, how communication will be channeled, develop the budget and schedule the tasks involved. Also, roles and responsibilities are allocated in this phase to both the stakeholders and the team members. On the other hand, project budget management is the process where the project is administered and monitored for financial needs. The cost elements of the project should be understood, and logistics tracking required noted.

Elements Considered During Budgeting

The three elements to be considered during budgeting are inputs, tools and technology, and the project stakeholder. The project stakeholders in Lucky Me Animal Rescue’s Project are the people involved in the project outcome. They include team members, project managers, adoption event managers, supervisors, marketers, legal experts, contractors, and the visitation team. Each stakeholder member has their own specific tasks as outlined in the project planning.

The input elements to be incurred in the project are different costs to be utilized. The input costs include financing permit for the event, transportation for animals to the new owners, and venue booking. The license for the event must be available according to the law, and an event cannot happen without a permit. Rescued animals must be transported since most people who want to be new owners are located far away from the rescue center; as we know, the place where the event should be carried out is usually booked in advance.

The tools and technology elements include the procured resources to be utilized during the project. The tools include tents, chairs, water, drinks, tables, and decorations. The technology needed for the event consists of a sound system for music and entertainment, printing flyer and banners, interface maintenance, and digital automation. Tools such as work breakdown structure are used to put the work into a form that can be easily managed and tracked. Using a status report, the manager can see the project performance and share it with all the stakeholders. The tool of creating a creative brief usually defines the project’s scope and clarifies the objectives and strategy to be followed for efficiency. Moreover, the timesheet of the events is monitored to track on time.

Budgeted elementBudgeted ExpenseActual Expenses
Events permit$900 
Animal transportation$50 
Venue Booking$100 
Chairs and tables$90 
Water and drinks$100 
Sound system$50 
Printing flyers and banners$98 
Digital automation$40 
Interface maintenance$80 

Project Scope Management and Project Schedule Management

           Project scope management means the total amount of work that must be conducted in the Lucky Me Animal Rescue Project to achieve the results of forty percent clearance of the area (Khan, 2006, p.12). On the other hand, project schedule management means creating a list and deliverables for the project’s progress. It also has a start and ends time. The steps involved in project scope management include;

  • Planning the scope- Here, all the inputs are gathered from the available stakeholders. Discuss how the project scope should be defined, controlled, and even managed. The work breakthrough structure is developed in this stage.
  • Requirement collection- The idea of what the project stakeholders want is identified at this stage. The information is collected through surveying, questionnaires, and asking vendors. It is then documented in the form of a list with descriptions.
  • Defining scope- This is done by identifying from the documented list what is in and out of the area. Adding a statement to the content will be used as a guidance tool by management and team members as a guideline throughout the project.
  • Creating a work breakdown structure- It comprises elements of the project broken down into small tasks that, when added together, accomplish the project’s objective.
  • Validating the scope- The deliverables are reviewed before approving them. The approver can be a stakeholder, the management team, or the customer.
  • Scope controlling- This process involves the monitoring of the allocated spectrum.

The process involved in project scheduling management includes defining the project, sequencing the event activities, estimating finance and time, and finally, developing the schedule of the project (Ahuja & Thiruvengadam 2004, p.20).


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