7. Human Resource Management

[Provide a summary of hiring, training and staffing plans here. Include hiring, training, and staffing costs for the store within the project cost estimate appendix.] Company TCS (Terrapin Construction Supply) Inc.


Write a paper 1 ½ -2 pages, double spaced, cover page, reference list. Any tables, graphs, and figures should be included. Your report should have one-inch margins and be double spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font. In-text citations and references should abide by APA format. The report should be organized using headings and subheadings to improve its readability.

For clarity, the plan should cover key elements in the main body of the plan, and then use appendices for detailed data. For example, you could provide a summary cost breakdown in the main body, and the detailed breakdown. No other student paper, universities, & course hero. Used classroom materials, 2-3 outside references.



Which Should I Hire—Employee or Contract Worker?

Murray, Jean 2019


Pros and Cons of Hiring Employees vs. Contractors (thebalancemoney.com)

What Is the Cost of Training Employees? | Factors & How to Calculate (patriotsoftware.com)

I’m glad your team has agreed on a charter for TCS,” Jillian says. “Now I want you to really start nailing down some of the specifics of this project, such as involved parties, responsibilities, risks, and costs.

“To this point, TCS management has provided you with information and templates for this project, your team has set guidelines to work together effectively, and you have used that information to develop a project charter for Latoya Green to approve. Now, you are ready to begin thinking about stakeholders and stakeholder management.

“Your team needs to develop a stakeholder management plan. I’m attaching a stakeholder management plan template to follow. The plan should identify potential stakeholders by their general role, such as CFO, local government offical, vice president of marketing, etc. There is one exception: You must name Latoya Green as your project sponsor.

“Good work team, looking forward to seeing the stakeholder management plan.”

When you have completed your stakeholder management plan, continue to the next step, where you will develop a work breakdown structure and Gantt chart.

Project Stakeholder Management Plan: Sao Paulo, Brazil Store Opening  
Project Title:TCS (Terrapin Construction Supply) Inc.Date Prepared:10/9/22 
Name/Position/contact informationRoleStakeholder’s particular interestExpectationsInfluenceClassification
Latoya Green CEO LgreenSPB@ gmail.comProject SponsorFull disclosureApprove & sign projector charter100% of decisionVery Important
Jorge Linville Members work: 816-555-1234Project MangerFull disclosureSite success opening/ overseeing operations  50% of decisionVery Important
Amber Johnson, Daria Kuznetsova, Alex Rachesky, Maria Riviears, Heather Seda ptspb@gmail.com  Project Team MembersFull disclosureCarry out deliverables as a team deliver quality work for the site50% decisionVery Important
Amber Johnson/ Licenses & Permits AJspb@gmail.comTeam Member All licenses & permitsSome informationObtain required licenses and permits  High influenceVery Important
Heather Seda  Marketing Director Sedaspb@gmail.comTeam Member Leadership & guidance on all marketing decisionsAll informationMarketing strategies, plan director, customers plan raising awarenessHigh influenceVery Important
Daria Kuznetsova Director, Developer & Researcher dk spb@gmail.comTeam Member Overseeing activities, research & development teamSome informationGuarantees the speed, accuracy, service life, and region kit are within region to satisfy our customersHigh influenceVery important
Maria Riviears HR director mrispb@gmail.comTeam Member responsible for all hiring within companySome informationStaff, hire, and train store personnel, all HR complaints  High influenceVery important
Alex, Rachesky Finance Director Alrspb@gmail.comTeam member Overseas the financial activities and decisionsFull discloserDirecting team to stay within the budget and no emergency loan only if necessaryHigh influenceVery important
Sao Paulo (Government)Office 011-3217-9867  ConsultantFull discloserEnforcing all contracts, environment all regulations & protecting all employees’ rights. Permits approvalHigh influenceVery important
Production Director  pdspb@gmail.comTeam memberLimited discloserInventory is fully stocked for openingHigh influenceVery important
General Company  ContractorLimited discloserOverseeing all general & sub work, ensures consistencyLimited influenceVery important
Paving CompanySub-contractorsLimited discloserPaving the parking lots, sides walk  Limited influenceImportant
PlumbersSub- contractorLimited discloserAll inter & exterior plumbingLimited influenceVery important
Landscape companySub-contractorsLimited discloserLandscaping the exterior of the siteLimited influenceImportant
ElectricianSub-contractorsLimited discloserSite electricity for exterior/ interior buildingLimited influenceVery important
Architect and EngineerContractorLimited discloserComplete control of site building designHigh influenceVery important
It SupplierSub-contractorNo discloserInstallation of software, in timely datesHigh influenceImportant
SecuritySub-contractorLimited discloserCameras -interior/exteriorHigh influenceVery important
CommunityGeneral publicLimited discloserSupport site openingHigh influenceImportant
Tax ConsultantConsultantFull discloserIn full compliance with Brazilian government international law’s & regulationsHigh influenceVery important
Attorney (International)ConsultantFull discloserLegal matters on international lawHigh influenceVery important
BankFinancial InstitutionLimited discloser High influenceVery important
ShoppersGeneral publicNo discloserPromoting great customer servicesHigh influenceVery important
VendorsDistributorLimited discloserDeliver products on timeHigh influenceVery important


Project Stakeholders (2022). Document posted in University of Maryland Global Campus Strategic Decision Making MBA 670 online classroom, archived at https://leocontent.umgc.edu/content/scor/uncurated/mba/2218-mba670/learning-topic-list/stakeholders-andstakeholdermanagement.html?ou=716183

Project Stakeholders Management (2022). Document posted in University of Maryland Global Campus Strategic Decision-Making MBA 670 online classroom, archived at https://leocontent.umgc.edu/content/scor/uncurated/mba/2218-mba670/learning-resourcelist/stakeholder-management.html?ou=716183

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