You are working the night shift on a medical-surgical unit. Your assignment includes a 19-year-old woman admitted early this morning. She has sustained burns over 30% of her body surface area, with partial-thickness burns on her legs and back.


  1. In an APA formatted paper, discuss the following:
  2. The staff are following the Parkland Formula for fluid resuscitation. The client arrived at 0200 to the emergency department. Her burn time is 0200. She was admitted to the burn unit at 0400. Her Intravenous fluid resuscitation was not started until she arrived the burn unit. She weighs 110 pounds. 
  3. Calculate her fluid requirement, using the Parkland formula. 
  4. Calculate the total fluid volume she is to receive over the first 24 hours.
  5. Calculation the total fluid volume for the first 8 hours.
  6. Calculate the IVF rate for the first 8 hours.
  7. Calculate the total fluid volume she is to receive over the next 16 hours.
  8. Calculate the IVF rate for the next 16 hours.
  9. Explain the time intervals and amounts for each.
  10. The client was sleeping when the fire started and managed to make her way out of the house through thick smoke. You are concerned about possible smoke inhalation. What assessment finding would corroborate this concern?
  11. The client is in severe pain. What is the drug of choice for pain relief and how should it be given? What other medications would be appropriate for this patient? What is the correct dose and instructions about timing of delivery and included risks.
  12. What nutritional requirements are necessary for the client’s burns to heal? Why is this important?
  13. What measures are taken with the client to prevent infection?
  14. Explain nursing interventions to prevent infection and 3 types of dressings used to prevention infection.

Please use full sentences in your paper. Details should be based on evidence/ research findings when applicable, professional language, etc.

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