Assignment Instructions

Building the Case



The purpose of this assignment is to identify your patient safety issue and further explain how the safety issue was identified, the impact on safety, and descriptions of the problem from clinical experts within your institution. Your goal is to identify internal resources or do a “needs assessment.” The internal resources will not require citations or references. You are welcome to draw from personal experiences and use creative liberty to make your case from an internal perspective.


Throughout the course, we will focus on a patient safety issue of your choice and work through all six steps of the evidence-based practice (EBP) process. The first step is to “Ask the burning clinical question in PICO(T) format,” which you started last week in your discussion post.

Now, let’s imagine that you are the Director of Clinical Operations and Nursing Excellence at a major metropolitan medical center encompassing many entities, including hospitals and outpatient medical centers. You report directly to the Chief Nursing Officer and serve as the frontline leader for clinical operations, including serving as a clinical resource for all nursing staff levels in both acute-care and ambulatory settings.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the best practices and protocols are implemented throughout the medical center. Your primary goals are to focus on identifying problems in health care safety and solving them with evidence-based interventions as a quality improvement (EBP/QI) project.


Present a 5-minute PowerPoint presentation with voice over to introduce your patient safety issue, the supporting research, and possible intervention, using the following steps:

  1. Consider patient safety issues that you have heard about in your practice, the medical field, the media, or your coursework. Select a patient safety issue to research throughout this course. 
    1. Explain the patient safety issue that needs improvement.
    1. Describe the problem in detail using creative liberty or give specific examples of the issue in practice.
  2. Locate and review two examples of internal or practice site sources of evidence that support the need for change to address the patient safety issue. 
    1. Describe how the sources were obtained, including a timeframe or number of patients involved.
    1. The internal resources will NOT require citations and references.
  3. Locate and review two sources of evidence that the safety issue exists outside of your institution. 
    1. We call these external resources. This information can come from peer-reviewed literature, clinical practice guidelines, consensus statements, local or national databases, national organizations, Joint Commission, and/or hospital compare (CMS). The external resources will require citations and references.
    1. Utilize  library resources to guide your research, including the library guide and an appointment with a librarian.
    1. Explain how these literature resources support the need for change related to the patient safety issue.
    1. Describe how each source is directly related to the patient safety issue.
  4. Determine the organizational priority by describing why this patient care safety problem is of significant concern to stakeholders, patients, or community members. Give specific examples.
  5. Describe your desired patient outcomes from a proposed intervention and the potential impact of the quality improvement project. Use at least one citation from literature to support the intervention.
  6. Again, the patient safety issue and intervention or interventions identified for this assignment will also be used for all the assignments in this course, so take a look at those assignments now. Ensure the problem and interventions you select will work for the other four assignments.
  7. Create 8–10 slides that reflect the issue you have selected, the evidence, and the possible interventions. You may use the following headings for your slides: 
    1. Title. 
      1. Name, course information.
    1. Presentation Outline.
    1. Patient Safety Issue.
    1. Internal Evidence of Patient Safety Issue.
    1. External Evidence of Patient Safety Issue.
    1. Organizational Priority for Intervention. 
      1. Describe why problem is significant to stakeholders and give specific examples.
    1. Propose a Quality Improvement Project. 
      1. Describe interventions and desired patient outcomes and potential organizational impact.
      1. Include at least one citation from literature to support proposal.
    1. References.

Additional Requirements

  • 8–10 PowerPoint slides with slide notes.
  • 5-minute voice over recording of presentation slides.
  • Minimum two external resources.
  • Reference slide with APA citations.
  • Submit slide deck, slide notes, and video recording.

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