Description of assignments Individual final assignment (70% of final (module) grade)

This assignment will primarily focus on a company or organisation of your choice. This could be your current employer, a past employer or an organisation you are interested in. You cannot use one of the organisations of the group assignment. The assignment consists of 4 parts where all the information gathered and learned will come together.

Course Outline MBA

1 General analysis Maximum 3 A4 Cesure: 5.5 Percentage of individual grade: 30%Strategy exploration ▪ Use the sustainable HR model to make an analysis of your organisation using this model. ▪ Identify three strategic business goals and link these with the relevant strategic HR goals. If your organisation does not have any HR goals, please formulate (clearly indicated) goals yourself. ▪ Determine three ‘quick wins’ for the organisation in order to be more sustainable in their HR practices.   HRM Financials ▪ Identify at least five key HR metrics for your organisation and benchmark them to relevant organisations. Give an educated guess of the cost to the organisation of each metric. ▪ Write a brief summary of your conclusions, taking into account the outcomes of your strategy exploration.   SWOT analysis ▪ Use the information you have gathered in the first two assignments to create a SWOT analysis of HR practices in your organisation. Each group should contain at least five items of which at least one needs to be related to sustainability.  
2 In depth analysis Minimum of 3 A4 maximum of 5 A4 (1500-2500 words) Cesure: 5.5 Percentage of individual grade: 30%In this part of the assignment, you will provide an in-depth analysis of three elements of your SWOT analysis. Each element should represent a different part of your SWOT; so you cannot pick two strengths for example). You will determine in which part of the HR cycle (selection, performance management, development, appreciation and rewards) the element belongs and you will use the relevant academic theory from the list below for your analysis.   1-Selection: Career dynamics (Schein) 2-Performance Management: AMO theory (Appelbaum) 3-Development: Organisational learning (Argyris) 4-Appreciation: Taxonomy for leadership (Yuckl) 5-Rewards: Two-factor theory (Herzberg)   As an example. If the element in your SWOT relates to rewards in your organisation, you will use Herzberg’s theory. If the other element is related to selection, you will work with Schein. Your analysis should be concluded with at least five recommendations for your organisation to improve the Human Experience.
3 Critical review Minimum of 2 A4 maximum of 4 A4 (1000-2000 words) Cesure: 5.5 Percentage of individual grade: 30%For one of the two remaining components of the HR cycle you will provide a critical evaluation of one recent scholarly Organisational Behaviour article (peer reviewed). The article chosen needs to be approved by the lecturer. So, as an example, if you have chosen selection, appreciation and rewards for your in-depth analysis, the scholarly OB article should be about either performance management or development.
4 Personal reflections based on PIA’s self-assessment tests. Maximum 1 A4 Cesure: 5.5 Percentage of individual grade: 10%Write a personal reflection of the assessment tests taken throughout the course, with focus on what the results mean for your professional environment.

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