Building a Direct Marketing Campaign (12%)

Your group will construct a Direct Marketing plan.  The objective of this plan is to create an effective Creative Document and implement an effective email campaign, profiling a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative/Cause to be undertaken by your Company.

Assignment Objectives:

  • Demonstrate an ability to plan a Direct Marketing Campaign, based upon the Target Customer identified.
    • Build an informative, engaging Creative Document (ex/Newsletter, brochure, flyer).
    • Using the Mail Chimp platform, design, distribute and analyze the results of a personalized Email campaign. 
    • Build a simple Landing Page to collect Customer response information.

Assignment Requirements & Weighting:

AreaRequired ElementsWeighting
Professional Presentation  Complete Title Page Table of Contents Report Layout including Headings Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation  1.0
Direct Marketing PlanDescription of CSR Initiative/Cause Direct Marketing Plan (Chart in Point Form)  2.5
Creative DocumentCreative Document (Colour PDF) DM Customer data Capture  2.5
Email Campaign on Mail ChimpEmail Template Link to Creative Document Link to Landing Page2.5
Landing Page on Mail ChimpLanding Page (Colour)  1.0
Campaign Results (**48 hours)Written Summary of Results Mail Chimp Charts/Graphs1.0
AppendixBibliography Team Score Sheet List of Email Campaign Recipients  1.5
TOTAL 12.0 marks  

Section A: Build a Direct Marketing Plan:

  1. Describe your Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative/Cause (minimum ½ page).

Describe the Charity, Sustainability, Human Rights or Ethical Treatment of Animals Initiative/Cause your group has chosen to support.  It can be an Initiative/Cause that your company has created already, an Organization you wish to align your Company with (ex/ Heart & Stroke Foundation), or you can create your own Initiative/Cause.

  • What is the focus and mandate of this Initiative/Cause?
    • If you are creating your own Initiative/Cause, give it a suitable name.
    • Why do you feel this Initiative/Cause will resonate with your Primary Target Customer?
    • If you are highlighting an existing Initiative/Cause, make sure to use your own words to describe it. 
    • Cite your sources of information in Bibliography
  • Detail your Direct Marketing Campaign Plan using table format shown on the next page.   Use Point Form.

Build a Direct Marketing Campaign to support the Initiative/Cause that you have described in Part A.  Remember that a Campaign has a theme (ex/ McHappy Days), with a specific start date and stop date.  It must include all of the elements listed in the table below.

Theme of DM Campaign (Name)   
Objective(s) of DM Campaign   
Target Audience (Specifics)   
Campaign Start and Stop dates   
Call to Action:  ->What do you want the Customer to do? Specific actions.   
Customer Incentive / Offer     
Database Source for Contacts   
Customer Data Collection: (How will you know who responded?) 
Media Choices (3 including email) ->Detail how they will be used   
Key Measures/KPI’s to be used   

Part B:  Build a Creative Document (Newsletter or Pamphlet) :

Build a Creative Document (ex/ Newsletter or pamphlet) explaining:

– The Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative/Cause your team has chosen to highlight

– The Direct Marketing Campaign you have built to support the Initiative/Cause detailed above.

Include your Creative Document as part of your online Submission

Please ensure that:

  1. You use your own words in the Creative Document.  Cutting and pasting Corporate Material is Academic Misconduct.
  2. You may use a Word (Newsletter or pamphlet) template or create your own content in Photoshop or Canva to format your assignment.
  3. Colors used in the newsletter should be chosen to match the Corporation’s official colors.  All submissions must be in colour.
  4. All information is correct and up-to-date.
  5. At least two images must be included.  Ensure all images used are cited properly in the bibliography.
  6. Save as a PDF.
  • All newsletters must include a response mechanism and the opportunity to collect Consumer information.

Example:  Doggie Yoga Studios – CSR 2021 Campaign Pamphlet response mechanisms:        (not live)

  • 1-800# with Promo Code
  • QR Code to get more details or send message
  • Link to landing page to Register

Resources Available on Black Board:

Examples of past DM Projects (power point)

Creative Document Example:  ‘Doggie Yoga Studios’ – CSR Summer 2022 Campaign Pamphlet

Section C:  Build an Email Template on Mail Chimp:

Look for Example Email campaign:  ‘Doggie Yoga Studios – Pet Adopt-a-Thon’:  sent to the email address provided to MyHumber.

  1. Sign up for a free account at 
  2. Create an email Template using Mailchimp.  Start by clicking on:

Campaign/Create Campaign/email

  • Ensure colors, font etc. are consistent with the corporation’s identity.  Use at least 2 images, citing where the images are found in the Bibliography.
  • Using the ‘Button’ function, link the email template to the Creative Document PDF created in Building a Direct MKTG Campaign – Part B.
  • Do not link the email template to an actual corporate website – your Company’s or the Charity’s.


Section D:  Create a Landing Page on Mail Chimp:

  1. In your Mail Chimp account, click on:

     Campaigns/Create Campaign/Select Landing Page

  • Ensure your Landing Page has the following information set as required:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • Birth date
  • Others?
  • Ensure colors, font etc. are consistent with the corporation’s identity.  Use at least 1 image, citing where the images are found in the Bibliography.
  • Publish your Landing Page and note the URL created. 
  • Using the ‘Button’ setting on Mail Chimp when you are creating your email template, connect the URL of your Landing Page to the email template.  Use an effective heading to encourage the receiver to click on it.


Section E:  Execute & analyze your Email Campaign on Mail Chimp:

  1. A minimum of 20 emails are to be sent to people you know. 
  2. Ensure 2 emails are sent to Ellen Sparling:
  • Ensure you are PERSONALIZING your email campaign using First Names.

  àIn order for Personalization to be possible, you must have a separate field for the Customer’s first name.  An easy way to do this is to use EXCEL to upload information into the Contact area, ensuring a ‘First Name’ field is provided.

  • After 48 hours analyze the results of your campaign, using Mail Chimp.  Include:
    • Written summary of results seen and learnings
    • Mail Chimp Charts and graphs

Resource for Using MailChimp

Assignment Presentation Requirements:

  • All reports must include a title page including:
    • Company Name, the name and section of this course, title of the assignment, Instructor’s name, Name(s) and student number(s) of each group member, Due date.
  • This assignment requires students to analyze an actual company operating in Canada.  At no time should a student copy corporate material without proper citations.
  • All reports must include a bibliography, listing all sources of information and images used.  A report handed in without a bibliography will not be marked.
  • All submissions must include a completed Team Score Sheet. One submission per Group.
  • All reports must be submitted in soft copy using the Assignment Sheet provided on Blackboard to upload.  Assignments must be submitted by midnight of the due date provided.

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