(Individual – 2%)

Due Sunday, March 20, 2022  

Assignment Requirements:

  1. Review power point deck entitled ‘Example of a DM Campaign – KitKat’ available on Black Board.   

(POWER POINTS (content)/Direct Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility/Example of a DM Campaign – KitKat)

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  • Carnival Cruise Line Direct Mail Campaign:

Carnival Cruise line is using Direct Mail in the form of a postcard to support its Summer 2022 travel season and its new Carnival MasterCard – 2 offers. 

The postcard below was sent to all Canadian Carnival customers who had travelled with Carnival in the 2020 and 2021 Summer seasons (assume no pandemic).

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Answer the following questions based on the Carnival Cruise Line postcard communication:

  1. What are the Objective(s) of this campaign for Carnival for each of the offers?
    1. Include all that apply.
  2. What is the Theme for each of the components of this campaign?
  3. What is/are the Customer Call(s) to Action? (specific)
  4. What is/are the Customer Incentive(s) offered?
  5. What Customer information would Carnival be able to capture through this campaign?
  6. How do you think the campaign will be evaluated: DM Analytics used to measure success?
  7. What follow up action could Carnival take with the information collected?
  1. Upload your word document onto Black Board.  Be mindful of the Assignment Requirements listed below.

Assignment Requirements:

  • Word Document Requirements:
    • Your full name and student number.
    • Full sentences and proper grammar to be used
  • This is an Individual assignment.  Please ensure that your submission reflects your own work.
  • Copying any content off the internet is Academic Misconduct.  Ensure you use your own words.

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