Customer Segmentation Assignment Group Assignment –  (12%)

Scenario: Your company is about to launch a new, major product/program.  As the Marketing Manager, it is your responsibility to identify a suitable test market, where the new application would have the best chance of success.  You will be using key Demographic Characteristics of your Primary Target Customer to identify a suitable test market.

Assignment Requirements & Weighting:

AreaRequired ElementsWeighting
Professional Presentation  Complete Title Page Bibliography Team Score Sheet Report Layout including Headings Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation  2.0
Background InformationCompany Description Primary Target Customer Description  1.0
Recommended Community for Test Market activitiesSide-by-Side Ranking Areas EXCEL report Rationale for Community Selection  4.0
Demographic Analysis of Community ChosenDemoStats Highlights Report Factors Supporting Recommendation Factors of Concern  2.0
PRIZM Analysis of Community ChosenPRIZM – Social Group Profile Report PRIZM – Life Stage Group Profile Report 3 Matching Segment Analysis  3.0
TOTAL 12.0 marks  

Assignment Steps:

Part A: Corporate and Customer Information:

  • Provide background information on your Company and its Primary Target Customer that will guide your analysis in the remainder of the assignment.
  • Corporation Description (1/2 page):
    • Provide a short description of the Company you have been assigned – IN YOUR OWN WORDS. 
    • Resource: your completed ‘Corporate Profile Summary’ assignment.
  • Primary Target Customer Description (1/2 page):
    • Full explanation of the most critical Demographic Criteria used (3 minimum) to describe your Primary Target Customer
    • Reasoning why these criteria suit your Company
    • Resource:  your completed ‘Target Market Profile & Persona’ assignment.

Part B: Identification of a Suitable Test Market using DemoStats 2020:

  • Using the key demographic criteria identified in Part A Step 2 above, identify a Community that has a higher concentration of this Primary Target Customer that the Ontario average (Index of +100).
  • Identification of a Suitable Test Market:
    • Sign into your account in ENVIRONICS Analytics (
    • Create a new Workspace for this assignment.  A Workspace is like an online folder – you may want to have one for each course you have using ENVIRONICS.      (Resource: HOW TO: Creating a New Workspace in ENVISION).
    • Add ‘Ontario’ to your ‘My Data’ area.  This will allow you to use ‘Ontario’ as a benchmark in your analysis and reports.                                                                        (Resource: HOW TO: Adding Areas to ‘My Data’ Area)
    • Locate the key Demographic Criteria you identified in Part A Step 2 in the DemoStats 2020 database (should be 3-5 criteria).                                                                                                          (Resource: Demographic Variables included in DemoStats 2020 listing).
    • Using the ‘Ranking Area – Variables’ tool, identify a Community (CMA/City or Town) that has an INDEX of over 100 for each of the Key Demographic Criteria identified.  (Resource: HOW TO: Using the ‘Ranking Area – Variables’ Tool).
    • Build a Side-by-Side EXCEL report showing how the Community chosen ranks with each Key Demographic Criteria (again – use 3-5 criteria on EXCEL report). 

**Note:  This EXCEL report will show you the statistics for the 580+ ‘Census subdivisions’ in Ontario for the variables you have chosen.  The only communities you will be considering are the Towns (T), Cities (CY)/(C) or City/Ville (CV). 

  • Hide or delete the other entries before saving.
    • Using the Side-by-Side report information, provide a short synopsis of why the Community chosen is appropriate given the Primary Target Customer identified (1/2 page – full sentences).
    • The Side-by-Side Report created in vi. above is a required element of this assignment.  Save it and include it in your submission.

Part C:  Creation and Analysis of Executive Reports for your Chosen Community:

  • Create Executive Reports that will support your Community recommendation.  Identify segments of its population that clearly match the description of the Primary Target Customer.
  • Use ‘Executive Reports’ to create a DemoStats and (2) PRIZM Reports.
    • Add your chosen Community to your ‘My Data’ area.  This will allow you to create reports for this Community benchmarked to the Ontario average.                                  (Resource: HOW TO: Adding Areas to ‘My Data’ Area).
    • Create a ‘DemoStats Highlights’ report for your Community, benchmarked to the Ontario average.                                                                                                                       (Resource:  HOW TO:  Created Reports using Executive Reporting).
    • Create 2 PRIZM Profile reports:
      • The first report will focus on Social Group (SG) segments.  Hit the ‘funnel’ icon to sort the report by SG’s.
      • Click the down-arrow to change the focus to Life Stage Groups (LG).  Again, click the ‘funnel’ icon to sort by Life Stage Groups (LG).
      •  Click on ‘Download Data’ then ‘Batch Reports’ to create PDF summary reports for your Community benchmarked to Ontario. 
      • Save these PDF reports to be included in your assignment submission.
  • Analyzing the ‘DemoStats Highlights’ report:
    • Using complete sentences, identify and provide a rationale for those statistics shown that support your choice of Community.
    • Using complete sentences, identify and provide a rationale for those statistics that may be a concern for your choice of Community.

Assignment Presentation Requirements:

  • All reports must include a title page including:
    • Company Name, the name and section of this course, title of the assignment, Instructor’s name, Student Names and Numbers, Due date.
  • A Table of Contents is required.
  • A completed Team Score Sheet must be included.
  • This assignment requires students to analyze an actual company operating in Canada.  At no time should a student use corporate materials without proper citations.
  • All reports must include a bibliography, listing all sources of information and images used.  A report handed in without a bibliography will not be marked.
  • A complete example is provided to assist students in the completion of this assignment.  Copying any portion of the example provided would be considered plagiarism and would be grounds for Academic Misconduct.
  • All reports must be submitted in soft copy using the Assignment Sheet provided on Blackboard.  Assignments must be submitted by midnight of the due date provided.

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