School of EngineeringCoursework Assessment BriefAcademic Year 2021/22
Module Title: Module Code:Level 7
Assignment 2 (Individual) Risk & Value in Projects and OrganisationsThis assessment is worth 50% of the overall module mark
THE BRIEF/INSTRUCTIONS   Learning Outcomes Assessed:    LO1 Demonstrate an understanding of and the ability to identify and quantify risk and value at both the strategic and project levels    LO2 Develop and apply systems and tools to the management of risk and value    LO3 Develop and justify contingency and disaster recovery plans        Assignment Scenario    Choose an industry and a specific product. You are a project manager in Stanbor Ltd. which manufactures the specific, named product you have chosen. The main business of your company is the manufacture of the named product which is distributed throughout the UK and Europe.    Your company’s factory is situated inside the Industrial Park of Shaby town in the UK and is close to three housing estates and a small village, which in total have a population of about 3000 people (See map below). River Sleez passes directly alongside your factory’s site boundary.   The river is a successful habitat for several kinds of fish and supports a thriving local small-scale fishing industry.     Your company is struggling to meet the very huge increase in the demand for its products from other European countries. As a result, some of the company’s shareholders have proposed the expansion of the factory and production facilities to take advantage of the growing demand and increase its market share. This expansion will involve considerable new factory building works and the installation of new state of the art factory equipment as well as the upgrading of existing equipment and IT systems. Most of the equipment and IT systems will be imported from other European countries. It is envisaged that, as a result of the flooding and explosion incidents in recent times in your factory which adversely affected the local population, a significant section of the community might object to any extension of your factory facilities and expansion of your production activities.    Other shareholders have made different proposals including building another factory in Eastern Europe to meet the current demand.                You are required to carry out the following tasks:       Assuming the board of directors of your company has approved the proposed    extension and expansion project after considering all the proposals, identify and profile the possible risks which can affect the project and prepare a quantitative assessment of the project risks using an appropriate risk register.    (30 marks)    Five years after the completion of the expansion project, your company’s post-expansion rise in market share has started to fall with a negative effect on both revenue and profits.     Using your company’s business-specific value chain, provide a detailed value chain analysis of your company’s business with a view to reversing the fall in revenue and profits.                        (30 marks)    Prepare a disaster recovery plan for some possible hazards to your company’s operations. The plan must include 2 environmental hazards and 2 technological hazards. The format of your report should include a profile of the hazards as well as the contingency plan and the disaster response for each hazard (30 marks)   The maximum word count for this assignment is 2000 words  Marking Criteria    This assessment is one of two assignments for the module and carries 50% of the weighting for the module. To pass this module, a student must achieve a minimum aggregate mark of 50% in the two assignment.                            Marking Scheme    Task 1   Identification and brief profiles of appropriate project risks                                  [10%]   Quantitative risk analysis with appropriate responses using an   appropriate risk register                                                                                                  [20%]      Task 2    Clear identification of a business-specific value chain (not a generic value chain) for your company                                                                                                                      [10%]      Identification of possible non-value –adding activities and suggestions   of appropriate value-adding improvements                                                                    [20%]      Task 3   Hazard identification and profiling                                                                                   [10%]   Contingency plans & response strategy [20%]  Overall Presentation –demonstration of analysis and   communication skills; appropriate formatting of report; quality   of references using the Harvard style and free from plagiarism                                   [10%]   Total  Marks                                                                                                                        [100%]     
PREPARATION FOR THE ASSESSMENT All what is required for this assessment is on Blackboard under the course materialsAlso, your independent study, research and self-learning is required to produce a sound academic assignment. 
RELEASE DATES AND HAND IN DEADLINE Assessment Release date:   Feb 9, 2022                  Please note that this is the final time you can submit – not the time to submit!  
  SUBMISSION DETAILS     The required word count for this assignment is 2000 words. This is subject to a + or – 10% compensation. In other words, if the assessment length is 4000 words, submissions between 3600 and 4400 words would be acceptable. You will need to be careful in the way you use the word count to support key arguments and facts in your report. Where possible, supplement information with material contained in the appendices. The assignment must be submitted through Turnitin that would allow the module tutors to check for improper use of sources or potential plagiarism by scanning through numerous databases. You need to complete and attach the Coursework Cover Sheet on pg. 7 as first page of your submission. Presenting coursework for assessment Your written assignments must be presented in the following format: It must be word-processed in 12-point Arial font. Line spacing should be 1,5 linesIt must be black text on a white backgroundAll pages must be numbered   Margins must be as follows: Top: 2.54 cm, Bottom: 2.54 cm, Left: 2.54 cm, Right: 2.54 cmIt should not contain your name(s)The number of words (excluding the front cover, title page, contents page, executive summary, reference list, bibliography or appendices) should be stated at the front of the submission. The following file-naming convention should be used for the submission of the BN4206 Assignment2. [Module code] [Assignment title] [Student number] i.e. [BN4206] [Risk & Value Management] [2894573]   Make sure you retain a copy of your submission.     
Disclaimer: The information provided in this assessment brief is correct at time of publication. In the unlikely event that any changes are deemed necessary, they will be communicated clearly via e-mail and a new version of this assessment brief will be circulated.Version: 1
     EngineeringCoursework Cover Sheet Assessment Title: Risk & Value in Projects and Organisations

Students should add this coversheet, to the start of their assessment before submission through Turnitin.

Seminar Tutor (If appropriate):
Module Title: XXXProgramme Title: XXX
Module Code: XXXYear of Study: XXX
Have you checked the following in order to maximise the grade you can achieve for this assignment?Please mark X to confirm
Learning Outcomes have been addressed 
Similarity check via Turn-it-in 
Referencing accuracy according to provided guide 
Word count (or other length limitation as described in the brief) 


We wish to support any student who is experiencing mitigating circumstances which prevents students from performing to the best of their ability when completing or submitting assignments. If you are experiencing such circumstances then you may apply for mitigating circumstances. Wherever possible this must be done prior to handing your assignment.  I believe that I do / I do not need to apply for mitigating circumstances for this assignment at this moment in time   Please delete as appropriate   (You may still apply for mitigating circumstances if you subsequently feel that your performance has been adversely affected by issues that you may currently be unaware of).

SELF – REFLECTION This section suggested for inclusion if appropriate to the assessment otherwise

 can be deleted

Assessment Criteria:   Details of this can be found in the assignment brief. In order to ensure the assessment process is fair, we want to make sure that the assessment criteria are clear to you in advance.Self-Evaluation:   Simply rate how you think this assessment will perform against the assessment criteria; i.e. 1st (very good/excellent), 2:1 (good), 2:2 (competent), 3rd (basic), fail (weak). This helps us provide detailed comments on your work and clarify things you do not understand
E.g. Understanding, including knowledge 
E.g. Applying, including analysis and evaluation 
E.g. Researching, including range of sources, referencing and citation 
E.g. Communicating, including structure, clarity of argument and use of English 

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